Fractal: Creating the Building Blocks for Decentralized Identity Solutions

Julian Leitloff

Co-Founder & CEO

Fractal is an identity verification platform, ranging from human uniqueness for sybil-resistance to KYC/AML for regulatory compliance. Fractal provides decentralized identity solutions for Web3 users and chains ensuring trustless systems and empowering users to exchange their data in a privacy-preserving way.

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Fractal is an identity verification platform that enables Web3 projects to scale with decentralized identity solutions that suit their needs. Since then, our community has grown to 1M users, and we successfully serve 160+ key Web3 projects.


How Fractal is growing Web3 in 2022


We pride ourselves that our identity protocol isn’t a desert. We have 1 million users onboarded and all of them are reusable for new projects. Even during the current bear market we have managed to grow our customer base by ±89% across all types of DeFi, gaming, and metaverse dApps and ecosystems. Leveraging Fractal’s identity verification products, we help platforms and ecosystems ensure data and regulatory compliance by enabling selective disclosure of verified user data, ranging from age, residential country, to KYC/AML status. Moreover, we provide bot detection and protection technologies which allow us to guarantee that all users are unique humans, and that platform rewards, assets, and airdrops are fairly distributed to real users, and not drained by bots. We tailor our solutions to fit the needs of our clients and support them in creating smooth experiences for their users in a way that ensures top-notch safety, privacy, and data integrity.


What does Fractal provide?


As a KYC provider, we offer multiple KYC levels to better comply with GDPR’s data minimization and purpose limitation requirements. These KYC levels are:


Fractal’s products sit on a decentralization spectrum. The further to the right, the more control users have over their own data, and the less intermediation by Fractal. We encourage projects to go as far right as they are comfortable with, but we understand that decentralization is a process. That’s why we’re pragmatic and offer several products based on the needs, ethos and tech stack of each Web3 project.


  1. Fractal’s OAuth API


 Fractal uses OAuth 2.0 as its underlying protocol. This protocol relies on KYC scopes (Uniqueness, Basic, or Plus) or client scopes and requirements to limit application’s access to user information. Fractal is the #1 identity verification provider for launchpads, and using our OAuth API, we’ve been able to KYC and seamlessly onboard hundreds of users to numerous launchpads, such as CrowdSwap, Aleph Zero, and Beamswap.

  1. Fractal’s Credentials API


Leveraging Fractal’s Credentials API enables clients to tap into our existing user base with a quick and easy solution to access the provably verifiable KYC status of the identity behind a wallet address and validate it onchain. In 2022, we have successfully deployed our Credentials API for market key players such as Common Ground.


  1. Fractal’s DID registry


The open DID registry provides users with a no-touch workflow that enables them to smoothly onboard to different platforms or dApps that need identity verification. For Fractal ID users, this is a no-touch login experience, as the platform/dApp will toggle through the registry, look up their credentials, and onboard them immediately without them needing to take any steps. All of this without receiving any personal data from the users. Ecosystems, such as Avalanche and Aurora, trust Fractal to verify and smoothly onboard users to their dApps using Fractal’s open DID registry. If you believe your business will benefit from leveraging decentralized identity solutions, reach out to Fractal’s team to explore the best fit for your needs.