ImageSource: The World’s Most Flexible Process-Improvement Platform

Terry Sutherland, Founder, and CEO
Victor Zvirzdys, Founder and CFO

Our process is individualized, specific, and based on a proven methodology for identifying requirements. We don’t sell shelfware or work on a “set-it-and-forget-it” mindset. All our solutions are tailored to the customer-partner in question and expertly designed to solve their business problems.

FinTech is a highly regulated and competitive industry. Businesses are beginning to understand that they must offer first-rate digital experiences for customers and employees that deliver services to win customers and retain them. At the same time, businesses are also facing high levels of technical debt based on years of cobbling together line-of-business applications and legacy systems. Bridging these gaps in the industry with a seamless and powerful FinTech solution is ImageSource—a pioneer in process innovation solutions. ImageSource is the manufacturer of ILINX, the world’s most-flexible process-improvement platform. The ILINX platform is an integrated, modular suite delivering process-automation solutions, allowing organizations to modernize at the businesses’ pace and priority. “Our solutions work as a complete solution platform or integrate with leading line-of-business applications used throughout Fintech, government, and other industries. The modular architecture of ILINX makes it easily composable and extensible, evolving with ease to meet customer partners’ requirements and solve their business problems,” begins Terry Sutherland, Founder & CEO.


The company’s process-improvement platform, ILINX is delivered by an unmatched team of experts committed to customer-partner success. Its intuitive interface creates a peerless customer experience by presenting personalized applications and information specific to the user, case, or customer – eliminating the need to jump between applications or views to get things done. Behind the scenes, ILINX Engage integrates with disparate or legacy systems, allowing organizations to modernize without the need to rip and replace any part of their infrastructure. ImageSource stands out from the crowd with its personalized approach to each customer-partners business problem. “Our process is individualized, specific, and based on a proven methodology for identifying requirements. We don’t sell shelfware or work on a “set-it-and-forget-it” mindset. All our solutions are tailored to the customer-partner in question and expertly designed to fit their business problems,” Terry Sutherland, Founder & CEO.


ImageSource’s FinTech solutions pair the highest data security and compliance automation level with unmatched flexibility. ImageSources can enable legacy systems, including mainframes, in user/role-specific experiences where data is accessible, contextual, and unified. They adapt nimbly to meet customer partners’ needs. Whether in response to changing regulations, or evolving business process requirements, our team of experts and the ILINX platform allow us to design and implement highly effective, targeted solutions with unparalleled speed.


ImageSource has been helping organizations modernize for nearly three decades—the company partners with the world’s most prominent international credit bureau. At the outset of the pandemic in 2020, there needed an immediate solution to enable the company to move employees out of secure work centers into a work-from-home model. The ImageSource team co-created the concept of its Data Loss Prevention module to address this urgent need. Because they were established users of the ILINX platform, the team could quickly deploy ILINX Data Loss Prevention to restrict access to personally identifiable information (PII) contained in business-critical documents based on user role, location, and permissions. ImageSource also integrated the credit bureaus’ mailroom operations with cloud-based ILINX Cognitive Services to identify and route critical data during auto-sorting and share information in Salesforce to drive claims processing workflows. Combined, these measures allowed the company to respond to unprecedented changes to its business model without suffering any compliance disruptions, with the side benefit of increased security and productivity.


Another value proposition of the company is its highly skilled and committed leadership team. Sutherland’s unrelenting passion for delivering cutting-edge solutions drives the company to success. Everyone at ImageSource, from leadership through its account executives, project managers, solution engineers, and quality assurance team, is fully committed to customer-partner empowerment and success. “We never consider a project complete until our customer partners tell us their requirements have been met or exceeded. We combine highly-adaptable solutions with a track record of implementation success to make process innovation possible–and remarkably easy,” explains Sutherland.


Being an all-time innovator, ImageSource deploys advanced AI engines in the ILINX platform to help Fintech partners offer more-relevant, personalized information and cross-selling suggestions to improve customer interactions at every touchpoint. “We are also developing solutions that give our customer-partners options for dealing with legacy systems other than a rip-and-replace. We know the systems themselves don’t have to be retired or replaced. We can create sustainable pathways for accessing their business-critical data. We’re embracing the modular and iterative enhancements that enable our Fintech partners to eliminate business obstacles while employing a continuous modernizing strategy,” concludes Sutherland.