Mesh: The Future of Corporate Payments solutions

“Managing spend for remote workforces and global operations can be complex, but Mesh offers a unified platform for global enterprises to handle local operations in local currency at scale,”

Organizations have increasingly utilized corporate payment solutions in recent years because they make it easier for them to control their spending. This enables businesses to better understand and manage their cash flow. New payment models now provide quick and affordable processing choices, causing these new techniques to be quickly adopted. The goal of Mesh is to provide financial managers with a completely new degree of visibility and the tools they need to optimize and manage all of their company payments. Through the use of a consolidated and automated expenditure management platform, Mesh revolutionizes the way finance teams work. Mesh Payments provides cardless corporate payments solutions intended for businesses built on SaaS. Cardless organizations enable full visibility, control, and payment intelligence to orchestrate, manage, reconcile, and reduce spending.


Mesh Payments was founded in 2018 by Eran Katoni and Oded Zehavi and is based in New York, United States. Mesh offers the greatest degree of flexibility while minimizing time and effort at each stage of the payment journey by providing a customized solution for every payment. One of the solutions offered is ‘spend management’, this software gives total control of spending and manages every payment across the company with insights, controls, and automation to save hours of work work and get the most out of the corporate spending. Spend management for businesses that provide them with useful information for each payment one make. It will constantly optimize the company’s spending, whether finding less expensive options or planning costs. The advanced control fully controls business spend management with spend limits and vendor locks on every payment. Get real-time alerts, suspend SaaS payments in a matter of seconds, and add custom data to all business transactions. This will make to get a hand in full visibility from one platform and track all the company payments in one platform with real-time visibility for finance teams, employees, and budget owners so that one can never need to wait until the end of the month.

Financial managers have more important tasks to complete than gathering receipts and slogging through spreadsheets. Mesh’s advanced automated business cost management does the grunt work for clients, including one-click reconciliation that syncs with ERP right away. Mesh gives finance managers a comprehensive, contextualized overview of what every company payment is for and about. Mesh will manage all the global spend money and remove friction from finance processes by operating locally – from holding balances to making payments to funding reimbursements all while automatically syncing with the local ERP.


The company attributed the growth to companies moving their focus from growth to cost and spend reductions, and looking for solutions that will assist them. Finance teams can automate, regulate, and optimize their company spending using Mesh. The technology offers numberless Visa physical cards that sync with virtual cards to provide finance teams more flexibility and control, and it interacts with NetSuite to lessen the need for human data input. Mesh enables companies to operate globally across international entities, issue local cards and settle in local currencies all from one unified platform. Globalization and remote working trends have led to an increase in complex multinational structures and distributed workforces. Unlike Mesh, the majority of spend management tools have not yet addressed the demands of businesses with global entities. Finance team’s productivity increases by more than 30% when manual processes, receipt gathering, and expenditure procedures are automated across various entities using a single spend management solution. Mesh unified dashboards summarize activity across all entities and automatically sync all transaction details to the associated general ledger. “Managing spend for remote workforces and global operations can be complex, but Mesh offers a unified platform for global enterprises to handle local operations in local currency at scale,” said Oded Zehavi, Co-founder and CEO, of Mesh Payments.

Businesses could quickly and securely pay each other using Mesh while avoiding transaction costs. It has become a trustworthy partner for companies of all sizes because of its user-friendly platform and extensive support. Mesh is prepared to stay ahead of the curve as corporate payments continue to change, offering cutting-edge opportunities to its clients and solidifying its position as a key player in the market.