Trulioo: Fast, Secure Identity Verification for Borderless Businesses


British Columbia

“We have the depth and breadth of data sources to do KYC really well across the globe.”


The digital economy has erased borders and opened the door for businesses to expand their reach globally.


But the benefits of expansion present new challenges. Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and other regulations vary by country, market and industry. There are different formats for names and addresses and different data sources for identity verification.


Managing the complexities of digital identity verification and keeping pace with shifting due diligence regulations around the world can be time-consuming and difficult for businesses.


Trulioo, a global leader in digital identity verification, can help. The company is on a mission to build trust through automated, global identity and business verification so companies can quickly transact across borders and as many people as possible can participate in the digital economy.


Trulioo enables high-growth organizations, global banks and Fortune 500 companies international reach to verify more than 5 billion people through more than 450 data sources across 195 countries.


“We have the depth and breadth of data sources to do KYC really well across the globe,” said Steve Munford, Trulioo CEO.


Businesses can integrate Trulioo products and services quickly and easily through a single API to kick-start global AML and KYC identity verification. Whether companies operate in multiple countries or plan to expand, Trulioo can offer superior match rates that drive customer acquisition.


“Our global coverage and expertise are unmatched,” Munford said. “We help businesses acquire customers even from countries with no formal identity infrastructure. We enable organizations to verify customers are who they claim to be. That builds trust in the business and allows people from around the world to partake in the global economy.”

Trulioo enables global enterprises to verify identities and determine risk levels associated with customer profiles by comparing personally identifiable information and ID documents to global data sources. Trulioo also enables biometric authentication and provides access to global watchlists and sanctions lists.


Businesses receive comprehensive match results in real time for faster customer onboarding. The verification process is automated and powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning and robust encryption technologies to offer businesses speed and security.


“Our platform removes manual reviews from the identity verification equation,” Munford said, “this leaves customers with more time to build their business.”


Why Trulioo?

Rapid digitalisation has changed consumer behavior. People expect speed, security and convenience, whether they’re opening a bank account, trading shares or sending money to friends.


Digital identity and trust are the foundations of those online interactions. Trulioo enables that trust by automatically verifying customer data in established and emerging markets.


Compliance and security through Trulioo does not come at the expense of the user experience. Trulioo achieves a balance of helping businesses meet compliance requirements and providing a low-friction customer experience by orchestrating onboarding through a single platform, this accelerates the process and mitigates customer abandonment.


“It is a constant competition to provide smooth user experiences while complying with evolving regulations, and we are helping our customers win that race,” Munford said. “We enable our customers to expand their global reach, and it is our biggest differentiator.”


Trulioo also orchestrates independent identity data sources around the world so companies can avoid getting bogged down in multiple evaluations, APIs and contracts. That ensures businesses can start verifying identities across the globe quickly.


“Our clients find our data sources and verification providers in the country of their operation, ready to serve them,” Munford said.


Providing Expertise in Know Your Business (KYB)

Trulioo Business Verification enables access to more than 300 million businesses around the world, helping companies perform KYB checks during onboarding. Business Verification also identifies connected entities and ultimate beneficial owners. It provides AML and KYC checks on those owners and screens the company and its owners against global watchlists and sanction lists. This is increasingly important in the digital economy.


“Our platform helps our clients meet any KYB compliance at any level in the world with greater clarity and speed,” Munford said.


The Force Behind Client Success Stories

Many businesses that partner with Trulioo are seeking low-friction onboarding and compliance with AML and KYC regulations around the world. One of the biggest hurdles they face is the need for dynamic identity verification that adapts to evolving regulations.


Trulioo provides agile identity verification that allows adjustments to regulatory changes and enables companies to take a risk-based approach that enables changing verification steps for different scenarios. And as the experts in the space, the Trulioo customer success team is always there to help businesses optimize identity verification.


Striving for Financial Inclusion Through Identity Verification

“Trulioo was founded with the goal of supporting financial inclusion for everyone,” Munford said. “When everyone can participate in the digital economy,  that contributes immensely toward equality,” says Munford.


Trulioo continues to advance that goal by becoming a go-to partner for businesses in mitigating risk, protecting customers and fostering relationships built on trust.