Voice Life Inc. with its Far Field Wireless Charging Platform and Verge Currency with its open source blockchain community driven cryptocurrency “XVG” and are entering into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a Decentralized Autonomous Organization “DAO” “rLoop”.

Under the terms of the MOU, Voice Life, Verge and rLoop will work collectively on expanding the Voice Life’s Far Field Wireless Charging Platform. The goal is to create and build a novel far field wireless transmission for a continuous, clean and limitless charge to smart phones, IoT devices and autonomous vehicles.

Robert Smith founder of Voice Life, when asked about the technology said “The recent advancements in blockchain technology and the energy markets are all converging. I believe that the expansion of the Far Field Wireless Charging Platform with the involvement of Verge and rLoop is creating a major disruptive technology advancement.”.

Justin Vendetta, the creator of Verge, when asked about the development, “said he was ecstatic, it’s snowballing and gets bigger and bigger every day. Bridging the community behind Verge Currency, with the technology of Voice Life and the engineering capabilities of rLoop, combines the passion, distribution and expertise needed to produce tomorrow’s world energy supply”.

“For our DAO to join forces with a community project like Verge, and Partner Voice Life, it brings the rLoop future of work platform towards an electrifying tomorrow, where we get the opportunity to build the next generation of energy transmission.” said rLoop co- founder Ilyas Vali.

About Voice Life Inc

Voice Life Inc. was founded on March 12, 2015 as a technology company focused on the development, integration, and application of delivering a fast-wireless charging solution to mobile devices. The developer of ground-breaking leading-edge technology based upon a terahertz-based scalable network designed for far field wireless charging, is creating the next advancement in the capability to charge, maintain use and availability of smartphones and other electric-based products and devices. To find out more visit Voice-life.com

About Verge Currency

Verge Currency (XVG) is a volunteer driven cryptocurrency created in 2014, which harnesses the power of blockchain seen in Bitcoin, while combining the speed of modern electronic payments, to the security of cash payment. The Verge Currency blockchain, is maintained, developed, through open-source technology, by a distributed community of enthusiasts from around the world. To find out more visit Vergecurrency.com

About rLoop

rLoop is a decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO) that was built as a result of the SpaceX hyperloop competition, aiming to solve global challenges. rLoop acquires, supports, and finances early-stage innovation and research projects as an open and self-governing collective. By cross-connecting emergent fields of technology and making them accessible to everyone, rLoop creates an ecosystem of limitless and permissionless innovation. To find out more, visit rloop.org