F.N.B. Corporation’s eStore solution has officially secured the award of Best Digital Initiative at the 2024 Banking Tech Awards USA. In case you weren’t aware, eStore is the flagship technology of Clicks-to-Bricks, FNB’s omnichannel banking strategy, a technology which is specifically designed to give customers and clients ultimate flexibility in managing their banking relationship. In essence, customers who leverage this proprietary digital banking platform can expect to use their online or mobile device or an interactive in-branch kiosk to shop for products and services, open accounts, apply for loans, schedule appointments,access financial education resources, and much more. We get to say so because of FNB’s overarching strategy of creating a single customer experience that packs its physical and digital delivery channels into one consolidated experience. The recognition delivers a rather interesting follow-up to FNB’s decision of enhancing the eStore solution back in 2023. You see, at that time, the organization had launched the eStore Common app, which happens to be a universal application bearing the potential to be utilized for the majority of FNB’s consumer products and services that allow users to simultaneously apply for multiple products with just one exclusive application. Unlike any other digital product currently available on the market, this eStore Common app has proven itself to drastically decrease keystrokes, enable customers to upload supporting documents, as well as reduce the amount of time usually required when it comes to filling out applications. To give you some context regarding its efficiency, we must acknowledge the fact that customers were able to apply for most consumer loan and deposit products through the Common app by the end of 2023. Making the given proposition better is FNB’s plan to bring an even wider assortment of products in 2024.

Apart from winning Best Digital Initiative, FNB also secured a place among the country’s largest financial institutions as a finalist in the Best Use of Tech in Consumer Banking, Best User/Customer Experience Initiative and Top Innovation categories.

“This latest award for eStore further validates our strategy to focus our technology investment on client engagement, making it easier and more convenient for consumers and businesses to bank with FNB,” said Vincent J. Delie, Jr., Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of F.N.B. Corporation and First National Bank. “Our emphasis on digital technology enables us to adapt to consumer preferences and tailor experiences to unique client needs, powering our goal to make FNB the primary bank for all our customers.” 

The recognition at Banking Tech Awards USA, although pretty significant in its own right, joins FNB’s already expansive list of laurels. An example relaying the same would be how, in the year 2023, the company was also selected as a Model Bank for Omnichannel Retail Delivery by Celent, while American Banker named it one of its Innovators of the Year for the creation and development of the eStore. Beyond that, FNB’s credibility is also helped, to a large extent, by assets worth $46 billion that are currently under its management.