ECS Fin, the leading global financial solution provider, has officially announced a strategic partnership with INSTANT, a global leader in financial messaging, to revolutionize payments and settlement processing. Together, the partners will conceive a set of innovations that are going to advance the automation of complex workflows, engage intelligent UI, and provide a comprehensive view of financial transactions, positions, and balances globally. More on that would reveal how the stated intelligence will be available for you to use as soon as transactions are initiated, progressed, and settled through complex workflows that involve multiple parties, risk, and compliance. Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper level, we begin from the very promise of supporting payments, trade management, clearing, settlement, and real-time tracking. Next up, we must get into the partners’ pledge to provide end-to-end processing and monitoring related to the movement of money and securities covering transfers & FX. Going back to the new setup’s real-time capabilities, they will tread a long distance in regards to facilitating an early intervention on the status covering trades from all parties through the Swift Securities View and Swift gpi. Markedly enough, that’s not all, considering users can also come expecting real-time reconciliation to streamline and accelerate the given process. Joining the same would be an intelligent routing functionality which is there is to help you minimize cost and/or settlement time.

Finally, our last piece of highlight is rooted in the presence of a data summarization mechanism, as well as comprehensive analytics, which should prove useful during a push to deliver comprehensive financial reports in real-time.

“Our newest data fabric innovations, as well as an expanded partnership with ECS Fin, represent a quantum leap in our ability to help customers drive intelligent business transformations through data and integrated intelligence, all at speeds unmatched in the industry,” said Michael McMackin, CEO of INSTANT.

As for what makes INSTANT an ideal partner for such an effort, the answer resides in its INSTANT Intelligence platform, which is designed to help global organizations support their operations on an enterprise level, all possible from a single connected platform. At present, the company ensures instantaneous worldwide transaction visibility in and around a range of avenues, including worldwide receivables reconciliation, FX, and liquidity management to supply chain, marketing, and performance management. INSTANT’s excellence in what it does can also be understood once you consider that the likes of IBM, AWS Microsoft, Google Cloud, Lenovo, UST, and many other heavyweights currently rely on the company to streamline key processes, protect against loss, and accelerate growth opportunities using improved enterprise-wide decision-making.

”ECS Fin’s Payments and Trade Processing solution empowers banks, investment managers, custodians, broker/dealers and clearing agents to modernize their transaction processing activities and become efficient, and we’re delighted to be partnering with INSTANT,” said Jacob Aruldhas, CEO of ECS FIN

Turning our attention towards ECS FIN, it makes its case on the back of an ability to build end-to-end payments and trade processing solutions that accelerate innovation and collaboration in financial services, and therefore, deliver better experiences for communities, banks, businesses, and people. The company’s testimony, in terms of its efficacy, can be had once you consider that the likes of UBS, Franklin Templeton Investments, AQR Capital Management, Avianca, nbf, Zenus Bank, Jurissa Financial Holdings, and many others currently really on ECN FIN to support their relevant operations.

“We were able to build our bank from scratch within six months. Thanks to ECS Fin, we have the CBS system and the IMS Platform. After acquiring the IMS solution, we never had to add another vendor product or services,” said Juan Garcia, COO of Jurissa Financial Holdings.