eHealth, leading private online health insurance marketplace, has officially announced the launch of new eHealth ePerks rewards program. According to certain reports, the stated program delivers at your disposal a seamless start where, after enrollment, eHealth representatives can help ePerks members set up their primary care physician. Furthermore, if needed, the company’s team will also be on-hand to mail-order members their prescription drugs, Next up, we must get into how the program helps you seamlessly plan visits. You see, since coverage needs and plan benefits can change over time, eHealth’s new ePerks rewards program makes it possible for members to schedule a consultation with a licensed agent and ensure that they still have the right plan for their needs and budget. Then, there is the prospect of availing access to dedicated advocates. Here, the idea is basically to provide specially trained licensed insurance agents and member advocates for the purpose of addressing all inquiries or needs that a member might have during their journey.

“We’re always looking for new ways to do more for our customers; that’s why I’m so excited about our ePerks rewards program,” said Fran Soistman, CEO of eHealth. “This is just the beginning. We look forward to expanding the program in the months to come, enrolling new members, and adding special offers. It’s another way of making eHealth an indispensable partner in the health and wellbeing of our customers.”

Hold on, there is more, considering we still haven’t touched on the program’s special offers. This involves eHealth offering each and every member preferential access to its partners’ services. For instance, one offer already set to go live, as a part of this program, comes from eHealth partner, Retirable. In case you weren’t aware, Retirable brings to you a comprehensive set of retirement and financial planning services. Anyway, apart from these features, the program also ensures that Medicare/Medicaid dual-eligible ePerks members can enjoy a dedicated customer service team for assistance with selecting a medical care provider. Having such a facility in place should prove useful in the context of addressing billing questions, and accessing existing plan services that may include meal delivery, transportation, and financial assistance.

Founded way back in 1997, eHealth has risen up on the back of helping Americans find healthcare that fits their needs, as well as at a price which they can afford. To facilitate the same, the company offers its customers a set of online tools that enable the latter party to compare the nation’s top plans side-by-side and get coverage in their area with the benefits they seek. Beyond these online tools, eHealth also offers live support through licensed insurance experts who are qualified to provide 100 percent unbiased and personalized recommendations in every case. eHealth, which has its headquarters in Santa Clara, is currently running offices across Gold River, Austin, Salt Lake City, Indianapolis, and Xiamen, China.