FastTrack, a leading InsurTech provider of intelligent digital and automated AI technology for the life and disability insurance marketplace, has officially partnered with Ameritas Life Insurance Corp, to deliver better value at the disposal of latter’s user base. This user is understood to include policyholder beneficiaries, agents/brokers, and internal claim advocates. Anyway, under the agreed terms, Ameritas will leverage FastTrack’s next-generation solutions and services, along with extensive claim industry knowledge and commitment to customer-centricity, to enhance its claim management process. Talk about how the whole value proposition will materialize on a slightly deeper level, we begin from the prospect of intelligent online portals. You see, by using FastTrack’s Intelligent Portals throughout its claims journey, right from intake through adjudication, Ameritas’ clientele can access a wide range of intelligent solutions. This they can do in a user-friendly journey via the web, as well as with the highest level of HITRUST security. Next up, we must get into how the stated partnership will give Ameritas’ customers an uninterrupted access to FastTrack’s Patent Pending AI Claims Decision Readiness Solutions (CDRS). Such an access should, on its part, digitize, automate, and validate the gathering of required data, eventually making it possible for the user to achieve “In Good Order” Claim decision readiness in less time but with significantly improved quality.

“Our Policyholder Beneficiaries, Claims Associates, and Agents/Brokers are at the heart of everything we do, and we deeply value the trust they place in us,” said David Voelker, Senior Vice President of Individual Claims at Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. “We are excited about the successful and timely FastTrack implementation and support provided. The team at FastTrack did an outstanding job understanding our needs and delivering an Intelligent Life Claims Solution. Our team and customers have already begun to experience FastTrack’s vast benefits. We look forward to expanding our collaboration with FastTrack to enhance our claim management services further.”

Moving on, another detail worth a mention here is rooted in the promise of exceptional customer service. Given FastTrack’s dedication to outstanding customer service and Ameritas’ own commitment to providing best-in-class service to its customers, users can come expecting unparalleled care and support in the marketplace.

Founded in 2013, FastTrack has risen up on the back of its ability to free up valuable human resources for the purpose of letting them focus on mission-critical tasks, such as improving the customer experience and making informed claim decisions. Apart from that, the company’s technology has shown to help insurers triage claims, vet risk management options, save on interest expenses, and create straight-through processing opportunities. On top of it, it can also leverage data via online claimant, beneficiaries, employers, and agents/brokers portals to create digital claimant profiles and achieve informed, consistent, repeatable, defensible, and objective claim decisions. FastTrack’s excellence in what it does can be understood once you consider it can speed up 90% of the claims journey. This, in turn, improves Claim Handle Time by almost 30%-40%.

Turning the development even more significant is, of course, Ameritas’ existing stature as a leader in the insurance space. Founded way back in 1887, the company presently provides customers with life insurance, annuities, individual disability income insurance, group dental, vision, hearing care insurance, and retirement plans. Ameritas’ track record in delivering these services is validated by its clientele of more than 5.3 million customers. In case that’s not enough, then we must mention how the company has also been rated A+ for insurer financial strength by Standard & Poor’s, which is the fifth highest of agency’s 21 ratings assigned.