Crystal Capital Partners (Crystal), a fintech company offering comprehensive suite of tools that simplify alternative investments for advisors and their QP clients, has officially announced the launch of a brand new website. Talk about what all the stated website delivers at your disposal, we begin from its strategic and/or thematic portfolio construction capabilities that will allow advisors to initiate their due diligence process by filtering the platform’s third-party funds with various inputs, ranging from risk tolerance and strategies to specific sectors and industries. This, in terms of an example, means that advisors can filter private market funds investing in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and healthcare (to name a few sectors) across different company stages and geographic focuses. As for hedge funds, they can also filter the picture by strategy, correlation, risk profile, and size so to reach a customized and diversified, institutional-quality portfolio. Having touched on the point of portfolio, the new website further enables you to build that through a visualization documenting potential risk/return of adding/subtracting a fund to their portfolio. On top of it, you can access new digitized portfolio fact sheets to better understand performance details at both the portfolio and underlying investment levels. Hold on, there is more, considering one can also bank upon a new “advanced analytics” offering to compare the impact an alts portfolio can have on your traditional holdings. This you can do while simultaneously benchmarking multiple portfolios comprised of different underlying investments against each other.

“Our goal is to standardize and streamline alternative investments. Our technology empowers advisors by providing the tools and information they need to elevate their businesses and offer differentiated investment opportunities. By leveraging our integrated solutions, advisors can enhance their decision-making processes and build diversified portfolios that are customized, smart, and complement their clients’ traditional investments. Equally important is the seamless design and user experience, which guide the path towards building and managing successful portfolios for clients,” said Steven Brod, CEO of Crystal Capital Partners.

Another piece of highlight attached to Cystal’s new website would be its accounts dashboard, which markedly simplifies the whole process of alternative investment management. Giving a consolidated bird’s eye view of the clients’ exposure to private funds across multiple portfolios, the stated dashboard also comes decked up with an ability to let advisors review individual client’s performance, alongside consolidated portfolio performance over time. In case that didn’t sound like a lot, then we must mention how dashboard’s updated UI makes it possible for advisors to subscribe, redeem, and rebalance portfolios easily.

Founded in 1992, Crystal Capital Partners has risen up by connecting financial advisors to the trillion-dollar institutional alternative investment industry. The company has, of course, done so using its proprietary platform that seamlessly automates the unique subscription, administration, and reporting processes of alternative investments. Separating it from other is also Crystal’s pledge to ensure low investments minimums, conflict-free manager selection process, and integration with all major custodial platforms. The company is also well-equipped in terms of offering qualitative research reports that are verified by independent operational due diligence provider, as well as providing digital client facing proposals, and a launchpad to create diversified portfolios made of private equity, private credit, venture capital, SPVs, and hedge funds.