Human life is a lot about navigating through different ideas. As we do so, we must figure out which idea can be a productive aid for us, and which one just looks promising on the surface. Now, when that’s the core structure of your overall purpose, it’s better to accept you won’t be right every single time. This possibility of failure keeps us cautious along the way, eliminating all avoidable missteps, but also limiting our horizons in a significant manner. You see, if we consistently take on a conservative approach, we tend to miss out on things, which don’t align with our established mold. The said habit almost robbed us of a generational tool like technology. Technology was never conceived to follow any pre-determined framework. Instead, it was put out there in the world solely to trigger a transformation for the ages. In a process of achieving its goal, the creation also reinvented the ideas that we used to govern our lives on a day-to-day. The emerging result here would inspire a commitment in the world towards various technological by-products, and among them was a concept of cryptocurrency. The controversies around cryptocurrency were apparent right from the get-go, as people repeatedly questioned the concept’s tendency to function outside the law. Nevertheless, despite these controversies, the crypto craze hasn’t dwindled a bit, especially in the youth. Getting older generation to buy into it, on the other hand, is still proving to be a real challenge, but the situation might be about to change big time.

RadioShack, formerly a retailing giant, is ramping up the plans to construct a cryptocurrency exchange of its own. The company’s new adventure saw light for the first time last week when we were introduced with RadioShack DeFi, which is essentially designed to facilitate swaps and transfers concerning brand new RADIO tokens. While the idea certainly sounds intriguing, the way it’s being marketed by RadioShack is doing more to hit the headlines. According to the company, “RadioShack, and RadioShack alone, can bridge the gap and ‘cross the chasm’ of mainstream usage for cryptocurrency.” Having been around the block for a long time now, RadioShack is betting boldly on its ability to connect with middle-aged CEOs. Using that understanding of the older generation’s mental makeup, the company hopes to put-together a suitable crypto climate, thus setting the stage for a wider use going forward.

“Too many [cryptocurrency companies] focused on speculation and not enough on making the ‘old-school’ customer feel comfortable, The older generation simply doesn’t trust the new-fangled ideas of the Bitcoin youth, particularly not “adults who are especially authoritarian, intelligent, and well-read,” RadioShack stated.