One reason why technology feels like such a transformative product is because how it lifts the fog off a future that none of our preceding generations could have seen turning into a reality. Today, we are well-placed in a position where we can not only envision that future, but also work towards even better things. With technology going through its own evolution, every day we are getting more and more prepared for that next big thing. However, as special as technology turned out to be, it couldn’t have clocked the levels of success that it did, if it wasn’t for the individuals and organizations that worked tirelessly to unleash its true potential. Each of these believers in technology played a crucial part to inspire the creation into becoming something that could boast unparalleled amounts of utility, but some contributions would prove to be relatively greater than others. For an example of it, we don’t have to look any further than e-commerce giant, Amazon. If looked at from a more holistic standpoint, Amazon is nothing more than an online marketplace that reaps the reward from adding a bit of convenience to our lives, but that barely reveals the whole picture. What Amazon essentially did was introducing us to a layer of technology that we had no idea held so much potential. On top of that, the company would continue improving its setup, making it increasingly accommodating. Amazon’s ambition to be bigger and better would facilitate its foray into different areas. Nevertheless, the organization’s latest venture isn’t anything like you have seen from the e-commerce giant before.

After dominating spheres like e-commerce, media streaming, and cloud services, Amazon is now set to launch its own point-of-sale (PoS) solution that will be designed to give brands like Shopify and Paypal a run for their money. Given the name of ‘Project Santos’, the service will enable third-party sellers to handle both online and offline transactions. The move makes a lot of sense of Amazon. For starters, the company has been on a constant lookout for revenue diversification opportunities, so becoming a reliable tool for brick-and-mortar stores can really help it in achieving that objective. Furthermore, Amazon knows that it can deliver such a service in a much better way than any other provider due to its immense experience with logistics. Apart from that, the company has concrete plans to bring their services like Amazon One, Prime, and Flex into play as well, thus creating an immersive experience that only Amazon can deliver.