ApplicInt—a leading insurance application fulfillment solutions provider recently led efforts to digitize the Life Insurance application process. In a Pilot, SBLI successfully implemented ApplicInt’s U*Complete platform that enables clients to self-complete Life Insurance applications, which is seamlessly integrated into SBLI’s fulfillment process. Meanwhile, SBLI is planning for a full production rollout of U*Complete in the second quarter of 2021.

As per the news reports, ApplicInt’s U*Complete has two workflow self-service models that includes Carrier Direct to Consumer and Agent Direct to Customer. When it comes to the Carrier Direct  to Consumer process, there is a secure login for the client to the Carrier’s Website. The consumer can then choose a product and then get a quote directly. They then complete a Part A Life Insurance Application, with the Part B medical questions being optional depending on the carrier’s fulfillment process. Later, the consumer then eSigns these Forms to complete the process. The program also facilitates a real-time chat when needed or a warm transfer to a call center to schedule an exam based on the requirements. Data as well asforms are sent to the carrier in the right order. Meanwhile, the Agent Direct to Consumer model is essentially identical, the only exception is that the Agent initiates the fulfillment process and the consumer can review quotes.

Mike Feroah Sr., Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of ApplicInt stated, “We are overly excited about the extension of our technology that allows a common platform to be used by consumers, call centers and examiners to provide part A or part B application information to carriers. U*Complete also can be integrated with automated underwriting platforms for deep instant decisioning. And if you have existing ApplicInt software, it can be converted to U*Complete in a matter of weeks. U*Complete provides better a customer experience with enormous cost and efficiency savings.”