The financial landscape is considered as one the most volatile places you can be around. Even though it’s a field of meticulous planning and strategic decisions, it doesn’t take a lot of time for those projection reports to get binned. A slight change in the market’s temperature and all your plans can possibly go toast. That’s just how it has been since forever, and if you observe it closely, a good chunk of people seem to be more than okay with that truth. Instead of getting deterred by the dicey ground of finance, these people continue to fork out more and more money to open up fresher avenues for earning profit. However, even though the world has largely remained unfazed by the uncertainties of this sector, a thought for improvement would always play into everyone’s mind. They knew that industry needed an energy boost. Luckily, it eventually got one before things got too stagnant. The boost came in the form of technology. From the outside, blending two highly explosive components looked like a recipe for disaster, but it actually turned out quite well. Rather than imploding due to technology’s intervention, finance sector learned to co-exist with it, and it co-existed in such a way that our view of finance changed for good. This association has delivered a plethora of opportunities till date. What’s more fascinating is how much accommodating it has proved to be for people from all walks of life.

Even though the ‘fintech’ sector’s success has been historic by all means, there are elements that relatively played a bigger role in that than some of the other ones. One such element was of online payments. Online payments have made life easier in every sense, but the way it’s delivered to us is a much more important factor than we think. Companies like PayPal have ensured a seamless experience, as people try to make the most of technology. Now, it looks like PayPal is starting a whole new trend.

As per the reports, PayPal is mulling over the idea of introducing stock trading on its platform. Fueling the speculations has been the hiring of brokerage industry veteran, Rich Hagen. Word on the street says that Hagen has been roped in to lead PayPal’s unreported division called “Invest at PayPal”. The company’s decision to ramp up their efforts towards offering this service is believed to be highly motivated by the population’s rediscovered interest in trading. Numbers published by JMP convey that over 10 million new individual investors have entered the market in just first half of the year. The market experts feel that this raging interest is born out of lockdowns, stimulus checks, and viral events like GameStop.

Another factor that is considered as influential in PayPal stock trading aspirations seems to be what its rivals are doing. Companies like Square and Robinhood already have individual trading on their roster, and Paypal might not want to stay too far behind. Nevertheless, it’s expected to take some before PayPal makes a concrete move in this direction.