Modern society is layered to a point, where to understand what truly drives us forward; we have to look between the lines, at the intricate accounts of our actions. The cumulative indication of our actions sprouts off in various directions, so we have no option but to do some nitpicking of the details that are most relevant to us under a given set of circumstances. Nevertheless, if we care to look further beyond that level, we would see some things that are common regardless of circumstance or any other filter. This pack of shared elements that define the modern society can include anything from ambition and knack of innovating to desire for baseline improvement and inclusivity. Without these elements being put to use in every undertaking of ours, it’s safe to say we don’t get to where we eventually did. Considering the scale of this change, it could have easily gone wrong, but we were able to steer it through.

One sector that is proving to be a high-up driving force for the change in question has been insurance sector. Ever since technology was put on course to become the centerpiece of our lives, insurance sector seem to have taken up a whole new identity in the name of insurtech. Companies across the sphere are working tirelessly to strengthen this fresh identity by investing in digital infrastructure. In a latest attempt to do so, embedded insurance provider, Setoo is joining hands with Pattern, an insurtech. The merger showcases another shared element of today’s generation that is to be collaborative, if needed to achieve your objectives.

One of the biggest motivators for the companies to come together was their willingness to create a set-up that helps them in becoming more like experience providers than just being mere insurers. To put things into perspective, Pattern will now be able to offer a complete package of various insurance products that are designed to be impactful by helping businesses in putting a safer buying experience on the table for their customers.

Setoo, on the other hand, is looking to enlist fresh ideas of a business that is just getting off the ground. The company views this merger as a step in a direction of their ultimate goal, which is to achieve vertical and geographical expansion over the next few years and become somewhat of a household name amongst the customers.