Quavo Fraud & Disputes, the industry-leading provider of automated dispute SaaS solutions tailored for issuing financial institutions, has officially announced the launch of a new cloud-based platform called QFD® Version. According to certain reports, the stated platform arrives on the scene as well-equipped to leverage automation capabilities and transform the entire claim management business. Talk about the whole development on a slightly deeper level, we begin from the promise of minimizing touch. This translates to how QFD’s automated infrastructure will look to streamline operations, enable faster task completion, and therefore, accelerate claim resolution so to let human investigators focus more on critical, analytical tasks. Such an arrangement, in a more actionable sense, will minimize redundant tasks, optimize work routing, and automatically write off disputed transactions without recovery rights, once the final resolution date has passed. Assuming it works like envisioned, the whole mechanism will remove the need to work tens of thousands of assignments based on client preferences and risk appetite. Next up, we must get into way this new platform will help you take control of your program. Using a dedicated Configuration app to do so, the platform here will allow for clients to manage their system settings independently, thus greatly reducing their dependency on external support and enabling them to test and experiment. At launch, the given app will present an opportunity to configure over 45 settings, including automated thresholds, manager approval scenarios, regulation protection features, and more. Given the presence of so many alternatives, the technology in question can also be expected to reach for an arrangement which actually compliment’s a client’s unique set of needs.

“QFD® Version 24.01 introduces numerous features designed to streamline the system, reducing assignment volumes and allowing users to concentrate on critical tasks,” said David Chmielewski, co-founder and CTO of Quavo Fraud & Disputes. “With new configuration settings and an interactive portal for immediate viewing and adjustments, this release incorporates valuable user feedback, including the reintroduction of rich text in notes.”

Joining the picture is an enhanced notes tool, which is now well-equipped to conceive seamless communication among claim intake specialists, investigators, and account holders. Capable of capturing data, observations, and actions throughout an investigation, the stated tool goes a long distance to realize consistency in investigative methods and procedures. Not just that, it also delivers transparency to generate accountability and support audits or reviews.

“The improved Notes tool streamlines the quality and coaching process by increasing the accuracy and efficiency of agents’ work, and both leaders and quality analysts have a better understanding of the case,” said Nikki Labno, Workforce Manager of Disputes Resolution Expert service (DRE).

Founded in, Quavo is today one of the biggest providers of automated dispute management solutions for issuing banks and financial organizations. As of today, users can leverage the company’s proprietary fraud and disputes platform to automate the entire dispute lifecycle, from intake through investigation, chargebacks, recovery, and resolution. In case that’s not impressive enough, then we must mention how you can also combine that product with another one of Quavo’s brainchild in DRE” (Dispute Resolution Experts) to facilitate partial or fully-outsourced dispute management. Hold on, there is more, considering we haven’t dug into the company’s revolutionary automated intelligence tool ARIAⓇ (Automated Reasonable Investigation Agent), who can perform the entire fraud investigation within seconds without leaving chance of an error. Quavo’s excellence in what it does can be understood once you consider it has already recovered more than $600 million for over six million victims of financial fraud, merchant issues, and identity theft.