CalAmp—a global technology solutions focused on transforming the mobile connected economy— announced a new usage-based insurance (UBI) solution through its subsidiary, Tracker. The program s deployed by SmartDriverClub Insurance, part of Markerstudy Retail. The white-labeled smartphone app solution enables insurers to deliver a branded, value-added experience for their policy holders. As a result, they can now overcome the ‘price’ versus ‘service and data quality’ dilemma.

The solution comes as competitively priced, self-installed Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tag and smartphone application that providesdriver behavior data, driver identification, and crash detection alerts in real-time. The connected app offersprecise GPS tracking and uses the driver’s smartphone for cellular data transfer.

Identifying that installing a successful tag and smartphone app solution requires robust risk management, the UBI solution integrates strict processes to guarantee collection of accurate and reliable data. Moreover, it addresses any privacy concerns by ensuring that smartphone trip recording only occurs when driver identification is confirmed, thereby ensuring only trips from properly insured vehicles and valid policy holders are being recorded.

“We have long been an advocate of telematics as a means of effectively monitoring and managing our book of risk, as it enables us to reward good drivers with lower renewal premiums,” said Ross Halifax of SmartDriverClub Insurance. “The BLE tag and app solution means we can now extend the benefits of telematics to an even wider base of customers.”

“Crucially, the whole on-boarding journey for the policy holder is seamless, with installation of both the tag and app hassle-free.  This convenience is key to its successful adoption.  At the same time, its simplicity does not undermine the accuracy and detail of driving data captured to support our risk decisions. The ability to offer the convenience of in-app reporting, in order to encourage our policyholders to improve their driving skills and help them reduce the likelihood of having a collision and potential injury, is also an extremely important benefit,” concluded Halifax.