Our lives are nothing but a combination of many progressive ideas. These ideas are staggered across different periods in our lives, therefore proving to be responsible for our growth in their own exclusive way. Now, this begs a question that what really weaves them together? Well, it’s the lessons we derive from each one of these ideas. You see, even though we are bound to move on eventually, we do get to keep whatever we learned from a particular period. This, of course, creates a scenario where we are able to use the phases in our lives as building blocks. Every time there is an arrival of a new component, the whole structure begins to look more wholesome and meaningful. However, the said system was altered dramatically when technology became a part of the world’s fabric. All of a sudden, one single idea looked to dominate our entire lives. It would go on to achieve that, but fortunately, technology’s own concept happened to be put-together by a host of unique elements. If there was anything different, it was the fact that we were now in a better position to raise our ceiling rather smoothly. Such a piece of reality encouraged every major sector out there to put their bets on technology. Although almost all of them reaped heavy benefits, one sphere which stood out has to be the finance industry. The industry’s transition to fintech really transformed its fortunes with the help of an unprecedented bump in the value. Nevertheless, recent events suggest that even better things might just be in store here.

Imprint, a fintech company for branded payments and reward products, has officially announced the arrival of Stripe, Kleiner Perkins, and many other investors, as the company secured fresh funding worth 38 million. The reason why it’s a big deal talks mainly to what the company is trying to achieve. Imprint entered the fintech game to make shopping experience easier, and even rewarding, and it plans on doing so by keeping an enhanced payment system at the heart of everything. The company’s first product, a branded rewards card, falls perfectly in that mould. With no credit inquiries, interests, and fees, the card presents a feasible way for customers to make purchases, while also standing a chance to earn great rewards along the way. From the perspective of a brand, the rewards card is a great way to bolster customer retention, which has become increasingly important in day and age of high competition. Furthermore, it helps the businesses big time in cutting backing on their payment processing costs.

“Imprint is focused on shifting the payments paradigm to positive-sum for brands and their customers. We empower great brands to cut out the middlemen, pointing economic value traditionally captured by legacy banks back to brands and their customers. This results in customers who are more loyal and higher spenders,” said Gaurav Ahuja, Chairman and Co-founder of Imprint.

Interestingly, Imprint also allows all the brands to imagine a distinctive end-to-end experience for their customers without much of a technical investment. The company’s dedicated commerce platforms and APIs do everything to ensure a seamless experience.