In hindsight, they might not look significant, but the truth is that many little moments of evolution worked tirelessly to conjure up our current reality. It was nothing short of a jigsaw puzzle where every single piece holds its own unique value. This is just the way it has been since the very beginning. We, as humans, are always in progression. Even when we feel somewhat stuck, the wheels are in motion, taking us closer to our next chapter. In return, all we are asked to do is stay open to change. If we are aiming for improvement, we cannot fear shaking things up time and again. Fortunately, to a larger part, we understand it, and the evidence for that is apparent throughout our history. Instead of choosing to stay comfortable in one place, we have constantly gone and explored better ways of living our lives. On one such attempt, we stumbled upon technology, and nobody could have foreseen how important the discovery will turn out to be in a few years. While technology did change a lot around us, it still functioned within our usual premise of gradual progression, albeit a little more guided now. As we went through different tech-driven trends, the world, and consequentially, our lives took different shapes along the way, but one trend that at present looks set to stay in our lives for a long period is of cryptocurrency. Despite all the controversy, cryptocurrency has continued to grow rather exponentially, and a newly-formed partnership does everything to indicate even higher peaks for the creation.

Regal, a movie operator situated in over 500 locations, has officially announced a groundbreaking collaboration with Flexa, a digital payment network. The partnership will enable Regal to accept digital coins and tokens such as Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum, Litecoin, Gemini Dollar, and many more. With 7,000 screens and a presence in more than 42 states, Regal can deliver a phenomenal extent of positive exposure to digital currency, which hasn’t had the smoothest journey so far. Flexa, on the other hand, also holds an important role in this partnership. Usually, a busy blockchain can cause severe delays in verifying the transactions, but Flexa puts that issue to bed by leveraging the market value of its ERC-20 token Amp. Through said method, the company is able to ensure that every transaction goes through effortlessly. Flexa even rewards Amp token holders for placing their capital under risk.

“This exciting partnership enables us to easily and seamlessly accept digital currencies […] across our theatre footprint in a simple and completely contactless way, providing our guests with the flexibility and safety they deserve as we embark on a new era,” said Ken Thewes, Chief Marketing Officer at Regal.

Earlier this month, another movie theatre in AMC pledged the allegiance to cryptocurrency, and according to reports, the move produced a flurry of positive customer feedback.