A great thing about human beings is that we are always trying to get better. By prioritizing growth under all situations, we end up giving ourselves a shot at achieving stuff that we wouldn’t even sniff otherwise. Talk about what we have achieved so far, there is actually a lot, but despite the crazy high volume in play here, we are still yet to see anything as instrumental as technology. Technology rises above everything else for a very legitimate reason. It has been the only idea that allowed us to make some serious strides throughout our spectrum, therefore helping the world big time in targeting a more collective brand of progression. Now, when you are able to grow in such a holistic manner, you become more and more likely to further build upon your foundations. We, on our part, have done that with utmost precision. In fact, Robinhood’s latest move shows you how we are still very much on the stated trajectory.

Robinhood has officially confirmed that it is developing a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, which will allow users to access and manage their own digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, decentralized apps, and NFTs etc. As per certain reports, the wallet will support multiple blockchains, while not requiring any fee for setup. Furthermore, it will provide the users with a private key so to ensure that they are not dependent on Robinhood’s core system. This eliminates the possibility of a technological failure causing financial loss to any user. However, if the user somehow misplaces their special key, they can entirely lose their funds. Slated to launch by the end of this year, Robinhood’s new wallet joins a long list of company’s other crypto products that, if available details are to be believed, are attracting over 22 million customers on a daily basis. Looking at Robinhood’s recent launches, this should only grow in the near future. In the last month, Robinhood has launched a custodial crypto wallet, along with four new coins including Solana and Shiba Inu. Beyond that, the company also announced a pivotal integration into the Bitcoin Lighting Network, thus setting the stage for faster and yet less expensive crypto transactions.

“If you want an on-ramp or off-ramp from fiat to crypto, you can use Robinhood, but you’re not forced to do it,” said Johann Kerbrat, CTO of Robinhood. “We still think that the main reason why many people are not using non-custodial wallets is that it’s too complicated on top of the fees everywhere. And so we don’t want to just do a project — we actually want to really help understand what’s going on and integrate to dApps.”