Immuta, a data security leader, has officially announced that it has become a Snowflake Financial Services Data Cloud partner to help their joint customers unlock secure, scalable financial data analytics and operations that drive business growth and deliver better customer experiences. In case you aren’t aware, the Snowflake Financial Services Data Cloud is basically designed to offer customers a secure and scalable data environment where customers can seamlessly ingest, store, and analyze vast amounts of financial data for rapid innovation. Already boasting half of financial services firms in the Fortune 500 as its users, Immuta’s arrival will help the data cloud in question to address a variety of data security challenges, such as fraud prevention, regulatory compliance, and managing claims more effectively. Interestingly enough, the integration in question follows up on Immuta’s decision to launch, over the past 12 months several new capabilities for its existing Snowflake integration. For instance, we can begin from a set of platform enhancements that will help users conceive simplified data security and monitoring in Snowflake. These enhancements include strengthened data mesh support, enhanced security for AI workloads in Snowpark, and advanced Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) that enable joint customers to access their data securely at scale, as well as continuously monitor usage to ensure security and compliance. Beyond that, customers can come expecting to more effectively safeguard and govern their data in the context of sensitive data discovery, security, access control, monitoring, auditing, and privacy management. The latter bit is only reinforced by how Immuta also secured the Snowflake Financial Services Competency Badge during this period.

“Our clients are accessing data from various applications every day, and they rely on us to deliver top quality insights, recommendations, and experiences,” said Sarita Bakst, Managing Director at JPMorgan Chase. “Our industry and services are highly data-driven, so leveraging Snowflake’s data platform capabilities with Immuta’s robust data security has allowed us to evolve with the speed of the market, deliver best-in-class customer experiences, and ensure that our clients’ privacy is always protected.”

Quite like the Snowflake Financial Services Competency Badge, Immuta has also landed Snowflake Healthcare and Life Sciences Competency Badge, which indicates Immuta’s integration with the Snowflake Healthcare and Life Sciences Data Cloud. This integration enables Data-driven Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations using Snowflake to bank upon Immuta for the purpose of achieving fast, safe, and trusted access to critical health data for research, innovation, and more efficient operations. Alongside the stated recognition, Immuta was also named a launch partner of the Snowflake Government & Education Data Cloud. Here, Immuta will integrate with Snowflake’s Government & Education Data Cloud to provide data discovery, access controls, masking, auditing, and risk detection. Furthermore, the development will make it possible for government agencies and educational institutions to enhance outcomes for citizens and students, while simultaneously preaching greater overall compliance.

Complimenting the entire runner would be Immuta’s sponsorship of Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour 2023, where it sponsored 9 stops on Snowflake’s Data Cloud World Tour across North America, EMEA, and APJ.

“The Snowflake and Immuta partnership continues to redefine what’s possible with data including the importance of end-to-end data security and access controls in a regulated environment,” said Rinesh Patel, Global Head of Industry Financial Services at Snowflake. “Together, we’re helping customers implement a modern data strategy in the cloud, and monetize and build new revenue streams across the global data economy through secure and governed data collaboration with the Snowflake Data Cloud.”