Voyant, a global provider of SaaS-based wealth management, wellness, and client digital engagement solutions, has officially announced the launch of three simple simulations on the Voyant AdviserGo platform. According to certain reports, these simulations include Longevity Risk, Long-Term Care, and Disability, each one designed to let advisors easily illustrate complex solutions with the click of a single button. The idea here is to help the stated advisors guide their own clients in the pursuit of retiring with confidence. Talk about each solution on a slightly deeper level, we begin from Voyant Longevity Risk, which is basically an advanced modeling tool that allows users to demonstrate the financial and psychological benefits of secure income. In practice, Voyant’s platform can leverage the stated simulation to model complex variable annuities including guarantee minimum benefits.  Furthermore, it can be used when the agenda is to show the impact of these products in reference the client’s personal goals and objectives. More on the customization would reveal how Voyant’s Longevity Risk simulation is also configurable enough to accommodate modeling of specific annuity products within the company’s proprietary platform, including all of the product’s features. Next up, we have the Voyant Disability, a solution that arrives on the scene as decked up to assist advisors in assessing the financial implications of unexpected life events, such as injuries or illnesses, on their clients’ wealth and retirement savings. Put the same alongside Voyant’s ability to model any “what if” scenario, and you’ll see that the simulation in question is also capable of allowing advisers to show the benefit of disability insurance in mitigating the potential financial risk posed by an unforeseen event.

“Our new tools are tailored to help advisors visualize their clients’ lives beyond their careers, enabling them to demonstrate the impact of complex products within the context of their larger financial pictures,” said David Kaufman, CEO of Voyant.

Rounding up highlights is the Voyant Long-term Care simulation. This one is rooted, by and large, into the prospect of giving advisors that ability to illustrate the financial impact of a loved one needing long term care. To facilitate the said demonstration, simulation packs together information related to the ability to afford the care itself, as well as the lasting financial effects. Again, upon combining it with Voyant’s knowhow in modeling any “what if” scenario, one will likely observe how simulation is able to show the benefit a Long-Term Care policy might have on affording proper care.

Founded in 2008, Voyant has risen up on the back of its track record in providing collaborative financial wellness and wealth management software for financial professionals and their clients. The company’s excellence in what it does can be understood once you consider it has, thus far, supported more than 25,000 advisors, and throughout this time, it has also built over 1 million plans. Making company’s case even stronger is, of course, the fact that it has achieved the given feats all while boasting customer retention rate of 96%. In case that somehow doesn’t sound impressive enough, then we must mention how Voyant calls the likes of Biograph, Bank of Ireland, tpo, V2V, and plenty other big names, as its clients.

“These tools allow advisors to provide their clients with peace of mind by helping them understand and mitigate potentially detrimental financial events and allow clients to make informed decisions about their financial futures,” said Kaufman. “With every ‘what if’ situation, Voyant’s solutions are there to bring clarity to the bigger financial picture.”