Insureon—one of the largest independent agency for the online delivery of commercial insurance to small and medium-sized businesses—is now offering insurance brokerages and agencies access to its proprietary technology through a new SaaS product called Insureon Accelerate. This unique solution allows brokers and agents to access the largest national carriers via a streamlined quote submission process.

Insureon Accelerate enables insurance brokers and agents across the country to tap into the $100 billion SME business market, enabling new revenue streams, while creating operational efficiencies and increasing profitability. “Due to manual processes and low profit margins, writing commercial insurance for small and medium-sized businesses hasn’t in the past been very profitable for independent insurance agents and brokers,” said Jeff Kroeger, Insureon’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Insureon Accelerate automates the process, providing quotes that used to take hours or even days within minutes.”

Accelerate is developed with similar technology that Insureon’s ecommerce business is using and improving about 10 years. This technology comes with Insureon’s streamlined universal application that allows single-entry access to some of the top carriers and reduces the amount of time it takes to complete an application. Over the past one year, Insureon’s technology provided over 2 million quotes and $500 million in premium for SMEs across the U.S.

“For years, the insurance industry has needed a technology solution for the problem of writing commercial insurance for small and medium-sized businesses in an efficient and profitable manner,” said Dan Kazan, Insureon’s Chief Executive Officer. “Insureon, as an online insurance agency itself, has been doing this successfully for years, and is now opening up its technology for use by the entire marketplace. This is a game-changer for everyone involved – the insurance brokerages and agencies, carriers, and most importantly, small and medium-sized businesses.”