One cannot refuse to notice the longing gap between the world of today and how it used to be, but we haven’t entirely abandoned the olden times and what they were all about. To this day, we carry certain beliefs and concrete findings that found footing long ago. One such component that we have managed to keep alive is the reshuffling of things every once in a while. Even the modern generation, which is fairly dethatched from the ones who preceded them, understands the importance of replenishing the structures in our pursuit to attain continuous and optimum amount of growth. Bearing this in mind, throughout our history we have looked for triggers to get the chains of change moving again. While doing so, we have come across a massive assortment of things that might not have been ‘the trigger’ but provided help of epic proportions to us. The world was pretty much satisfied with this hit and trial method, but technology turned the tide as soon as it arrived on the scene.

The world suddenly had the biggest trigger of change ever witnessed. Hence, what ensued was a revolution. With the crazy amount of potential technology showed right out of the gate, everyone eventually started to look for a piece of it. It became the new holy grail, and rightfully so, as a reshuffle of this scale went beyond anyone’s imagination. To create compatibility with this phenomenon, many industries took future-defining decisions. One such decision led to the creation of insurtech.

Insurtech’s growth trajectory so far has been encouraging in every sense, and the latest collaboration between Insurtech Joyn and Sirius Point looks set to take it to the next level. Recently, both the companies came to an investment agreement which will see Sirius Point becoming the founding investor and providing insurance capacity that is backed by a reliable reinsurer panel. Insurtech Joyn will lead the way by using this fresh funding to make an impact on the small and mid-market US commercial insurance landscape with the help of digital technology, data analytics, and automation.

After establishing themselves as a Managerial General Agency, Joyn now hopes to cater the overlooked needs of businesses looking for risk-transfer solutions. Nevertheless, the company’s biggest objective is to become the provider of a never-seen-before commercial insurance experience.