Payzli, an end-to-end payment technology company that acts as a single source for next-generation payment services, has officially selected ChargebackHelp to use the latter’s industry-leading DisputeHelp solution for the purpose of better delivering better fraud prevention capabilities. In practice, this means DisputeHelp will empower merchants to deflect first-party fraud, prevent chargebacks, and recover revenue through representments. But how will that exactly happen? Well, ChargebackHelp’s DisputeHelp solution is going to supply these merchants with payment card-agnostic, all-in-one, automated solution that integrates various tools into an easy-to-use online portal. By doing so, it will eliminate the need to leverage services from multiple vendors, thus saving users an important amount of time and resources. Talk about what other factors make DisputeHelp an ideal candidate for such an effort, the answer, for instance, is rooted in its partnerships with Visa’s Verifi and Mastercard’s Ethoca that empower it to cover disputes globally from Visa and Mastercard issuers, as well as American Express and Discover. Another detail aiding the said solution’s case involves its ability to capture and report data in real-time so to ensure maximum relevance. Joining the same is an option to white-label solutions for merchants, but that’s not the only other option in play here. You see, DisputeHelp will also help merchants on Payzli to access a host of API connection options, each one capable of enhancing their experience in a unique way. Rounding things up is a prospect of communication and representment, both the features again underlined by a real-time angle for a quick overall operation.

“Disputes are a fact of life in our world and are not to be feared or avoided but rather understood and managed. The DisputeHelp platform is a perfect fit with Payzli’s ethos of providing truly valuable tools to our partners and merchants in all aspects of the merchant journey, even when the dreaded chargeback rears its ugly head. Empowering our partners and merchants with best-of-breed fintech solutions to grow their business is what we’re all about,” said Arash Izadpanah, CEO of Payzli.

The development in question delivers a rather interesting follow-up to some recent projections, by Datos Insights, that claimed how global chargeback volume is projected to reach 270 million in 2024, marking an almost 13% year-over-year increase. In case feels too big of a number, by 2026, it will likely cross a whopping sum of 337 million. The stated numbers are a problem because they translate directly to increased costs, lost productivity for merchants. Not just that, if left unmanaged, these disputes and chargebacks can also put merchant very accounts’ at risk.

“We’re thrilled to partner with an innovative organization like Payzli who shares our customer-centric values,” said Vinay Shiriwastaw, Chief Commercial Officer at ChargebackHelp. “Transaction disputes, chargebacks and first-party fraud are growing problems for merchants across the spectrum. Through DisputeHelp, Payzli is providing their clients with the tools they need to significantly reduce these issues so they can focus on growing their business.”