As much as we try to deny it, the truth is that human beings are always racing towards something. We might achieve something big, but without even skipping a heartbeat, we are on our next pursuit. Now, this surely sounds burdensome in every imaginable way, but there are some elements here that need unpacking before we can understand the whole picture. Firstly, while humans do have a thing for constantly staying in motion, we don’t just roam around like headless chickens. Instead, we make sure that our every move effectively adds value to our experiences in one way or the other. Such a dynamic, in turn, has proven to produce meaningful leaps for us on a frequent basis. However, if we take a moment and assess the reality, we’ll see that none of those leaps ever came close to matching technology. Technology clocked a stature so high because it didn’t just end up becoming a phase in our journey, but it changed the world’s trajectory altogether. By offering umpteenth avenues within its domain, the creation fuelled our progression in an interrupted manner, therefore paving the way for best possible results. In fact, it continues to bolster the pond to this day, and the latest testament for that was conveyed in a Bloomberg report.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is actively working on a brand-new service, which is essentially designed to turn your iPhone into a payment terminal whenever required. The new service will let you move payments without any additional hardware. Tech experts across the board actually saw something of the said sort coming a long way back. The murmurs started once Apple acquired a company called Mobeewave in 2020. As Mobeewave’s success story had been largely based on using near-field communications to facilitate one-tap payments, Apple’s future plans at the time looked more than evident. Interestingly enough, Apple also retained Mobeewave’s core developing team to work with its own payment division and create a keystone product for the overall digital payments’ landscape.

Assuming Apple succeeds in realizing this ambition, it can potentially jeopardize the bottom lines of companies like Square and Toast that manufacture specialized hardware to run the said digital payments’ niche.

“The move could impact payments providers that rely on Apple’s iPhones to facilitate sales, such as Block Inc.’s Square, which dominates the market. If Apple lets any app use the new technology, then Square can continue accepting payments via Apple devices without needing to worry about providing its own hardware. If Apple requires merchants to use Apple Pay or its own payment processing system that could compete directly with Square,” said Mark Gurman, Bloomberg.

Talk about when the customers can expect to use the feature, Bloomberg claims that Apple is likely to release it around springtime.