American Integrity, a leading provider of property insurance solutions, has officially announced the launch of a new product called ValueGuard Property Insurance, which is designed to offer Floridians essential protection for their homes at a more affordable price point. According to certain reports, ValueGuard Property Insurance comes decked up with an ability to tailor itself, and therefore, more accurately address needs of residents living within the stated region. Having touched on the initial bits and bobs, though, we now must take up a more granular look of the product in question, and once we do so, the first thing we are likely to notice is more affordable premiums. You see, ValueGuard is expected to become available at a fairly affordable price, thus enabling a wider set of homeowners to access essential insurance coverage without facing any financial strain. Next up, there is the prospect of core peril coverage. This one is all about delivering protection against key risks, such as fire and windstorm (including hurricanes), so to offer homeowners some much-coveted peace of mind. Not just affordable, but the ValueGuard Property Insurance also brings to the fore flexible coverage options. By flexible, we are referring to an option at the homeowner’s disposal to customize their ValueGuard policies with optional add-ons. As they do so, the stated policyholders can very well enhance coverage as per their individual needs and preferences. An example of the same talks to how service lets you access optional flood insurance endorsement.

“We understand the importance of affordable insurance protection for Florida homeowners, especially in the face of common risks such as hurricanes and fire,” said Bob Ritchie, CEO of American Integrity. “With ValueGuard Property Insurance, we provide essential coverage at a price that fits within our customers’ budgets, allowing them to safeguard their homes with confidence.”

Hold on, there are still a few bits left to unpack, considering we still haven’t discussed how American Integrity’s ValueGuard service further optimizes the picture through a streamlined claims process. Hence, in an event of a covered loss, policyholders will receive a prompt and efficient claims resolution. Complimenting the same is a dedicated customer support that guides policyholders and prospective clients at every step. As a small yet meaningful part of the whole service, American Integrity also offers a Binding Arbitration endorsement, which can be added to the policy for bonus savings. To give you some context, customers who pair the endorsement with ValueGuard Property Coverage can enjoy savings of 30-45%, in comparison to a traditional home insurance policy. The final piece of highlight here is American Integrity’s own financially sound position, a position that shows up big time when you learn about its Policyholder Surplus of more than $113M. Aside from that, the company is also reinsured to handle a multi-year storm season and has a “A” (Exceptional) Financial Stability Rating® from Demotech, Inc. Given these facts, American Integrity is today the fifth largest Florida domiciled residential property insurer, serving more than 300,000 customers.

“Florida lawmakers recently passed historic legislation that is beginning to address the litigation abuse that caused home insurance rates to skyrocket,” said Ritchie. “This legislation is beginning to flatten the trajectory of rate increases, but we’re launching ValueGuard Property Insurance to help provide rate relief to consumers in our state as quickly as possible.”