Human beings are known for a myriad of different things, but most importantly, they are known for getting better on a consistent basis. This tendency to improve, no matter the situation, has brought the world some huge milestones, with technology appearing as a rather unique member of the group. The reason why technology’s credentials are so anomalous is focused on its skill-set, which was unprecedented enough to realize all the possibilities for us that we couldn’t have imagined otherwise. Nevertheless, a closer look should be able to reveal how the whole runner was also very much inspired by the way we applied those skills across a real world environment. The latter component was, in fact, what gave the creation a spectrum-wide presence and made it the ultimate centerpiece of every horizon. Now, having such a powerful tool run the show did expand our experience in many different directions, but even after reaching so far ahead, this prodigious concept called technology will somehow keep on delivering the right goods. The same has grown to become a lot more evident in recent times, and assuming one new fintech-themed development pans out just like we envision, it will only propel that trend towards greater heights over the near future and beyond.

GTreasury, a leading provider of integrated treasury management and risk management systems, has officially partnered with C2FO to put together a solution, which will ensure for the treasurer customers an optimized brand of cash management and an improved early payments operation. According to certain reports, the stated solution will strive, on a more practical note, towards unlocking liquidity forecasts so to encourage a positive cash flow across the board. Not just forecasts, the newly-conceived system will also let treasurers accelerate payment on their invoices. This should go a long way in making the required cash available on demand, while simultaneously enhancing cash conversion cycles. In case the proposition still doesn’t sound attractive enough, then it must be mentioned that users will also be given real-time and holistic visibility of their cash positions, something that will definitely help when it comes down to educating their cash deployment and helping it thrive better alongside organization’s cash management goals.

“We are thrilled to partner with GTreasury to provide enterprises with a best-in-class comprehensive liquidity solution,” said Allison Baker, Senior Vice President of Partnerships at C2FO. “Through our partnership, enterprises will be able to leverage both sides of their balance sheet to access the liquidity they need to navigate today’s rapidly changing environment.”

The collaboration provides an interesting follow-up to one study called “Main Street Health Q1 2023: Using Finance to Ease Recession Fears,” which revealed how almost  three-quarters of smaller businesses (74%) don’t have access to the equivalent of at least two months’ revenue in financing, whereas only 17% reported having access to emergency funds at all. The study further discovered that even those high-revenue organizations are not safe from this problem, as more than 40% of companies with $1 to $10 million in annual revenue were found to be operating without readily available emergency financing.

But what makes the two partners in question the ideal candidates to solve such a conundrum? Well, let’s start from GTreasury. Founded in 1986, GTreasury rose to prominence on the back of its comprehensive product line-up that empowers anyone who wishes to monitor stuff like current and future costs, portfolio value, cash reserves, and more.  The company’s AI-powered SmartPredictionsTM Cash Forecasting tool also lets the user accurately predict future liquidity requirements to become better prepared for all scenarios.

Moving on to C2FO, it has its claim to fame firmly rooted in an industry-leading working capital platform, which delivers at the disposal of over 2 million businesses a chance to seamlessly access working capital, and it gets them to do so at a notably low-cost clip. Beyond that, the company’s patented Name Your Rate® technology further makes it possible to get paid sooner than usual, therefore effectively eliminating all your cash flow woes. Up until now, C2FO has generated over a whopping $275 billion worth of financing for its customers.

“This is an exciting time for GTreasury as our customers continue to benefit from our growing ecosystem,” said Terry Beadle, Global Head of Corporate Development at GTreasury. “With this strategic partnership with C2FO, we are delivering on our commitment to provide a suite of best-in-breed products for Treasury, Risk, and Capital Efficiency. This partnership will allow our customers to extend their treasury workflow, resulting in further optimization and management of their cash.”