Alkami Technology, a leading cloud-based digital banking solutions provider for financial institutions in the US, has officially announced four honorees of the company’s annual FIsionaries™ Awards that highlight innovative initiatives. According to certain reports, the winners were announced as a part of the company’s its 2024 Co:lab programming, and they were revealed through its FIsionaries™ podcast, which is purposed around highlighting all those financial institutions that are leading the charge on industry’s wider digital transformation. Talk about the latest cohort of companies picked for the given honor, they begin from cPort Credit Union, an organization which was recognized in the Member Experience category for its steadfast dedication to advanced digital services and community-centric approaches. This hasn’t just helped the company in building a strong and trustable brand, but it also chipped in big time when the agenda was to foster a vibrant organizational culture, drive sustained growth, and make a rather meaningful impact within the union’s direct community. Our next winner is the Corning Credit Union. Operating out of New York, Corning Credit Union was deemed a part of Alkami’s 2024 Co:lab cohort mainly for the work it has done in the Digital Transformation category. You see, thanks to its strategic vision, adherence to core values, and innovative practices, the organization been able to become one of New York State’s premier credit unions.

“This visionary podcast talks directly to regional and community financial institutions about the digital transformation process in all stages of the journey. The guests on the podcast are entrenched in regional and community banking and provide insights into how their organizations are punching way above their weight in the work they are doing,” said Jim Marous, FIsionaries podcast host and owner of the Digital Banking Report.

Moving on to the third honoree, it happened to be the Unitus Credit Union. The Oregon-based company was basically lauded for its contribution within the Fintech Innovation category. On a more granular level, this translated to their proactive approach in regards to providing inclusive financial services. An example of this inclusivity would be the organization’s bilingual initiatives across various touchpoints, initiatives that tread a long distance to enhance accessibility of such services, while simultaneously fostering meaningful engagement. The fourth and last organization to be recognized under the given development was PeoplesChoice Credit Union, which emerged as a winner in the Culture Transformation category for its continuous and strategic investment in digital technology and employee development. On top of that, this support on the organization’s part has also helped it in establishing a whole new standard for customer-centric practices in the industry, thus optimizing returns and preaching financial well-being at scale.

“Alkami takes immense pride in honoring these exceptional financial institutions and their transformative initiatives,” said Alex Shootman, chief executive officer at Alkami Technology. “The FIsionaries™ platform amplifies their inspiring journeys, and Alkami is privileged to collaborate with esteemed industry leader Jim Marous in recognizing their profound contributions to the industry.”