Genesis Global, the application development platform purpose-built for financial markets organizations, has officially secured the TabbFORUM’s NOVA Award for the second consecutive year. According to certain reports, Genesis is, as of today, the only application platform engineered to deliver the high-performance transaction processing, event-driven workflows, real-time data integrations, and customized user interfaces required in financial markets. Known for accelerating the creation of full-stack applications across the software value chain, no matter if the agenda is to replace manual processes, enhance legacy systems or build new, innovative applications, the stated platform makes developers up to ten times more productive. Talk about how it manages that on a slightly deeper level, the answer begins from the platform’s ability to deliver an efficient developer experience. This involves leveraging a mix of low-code, conventional programming and AI-driven developer assistance to promote speed throughout the coding process. Next up, we must get into Genesis’ business functional components that basically pack together a full library of data models and specialized micro applications, covering order tickets, reconciliation and other trading and financial processes. Together, these components do a lot to speed up time to value.

“Bringing software applications to market quickly is the key differentiator for banks, asset managers and other financial firms under pressure to compete for market share, reduce operational costs and comply with changing regulation,” said Stephen Murphy, CEO and co-founder of Genesis Global. “The NOVA Award recognizes Genesis as a pillar of digitalization strategies in firms throughout financial markets.”

Moving on, Genesis also brings to the fore integration adapters, a facet where pre-built integrations for financial markets data, third party systems, and messaging protocols simplify connectivity. Clearly rich in individual features, the platform is also well-equipped to use each part in right proportion, and therefore, offer a high-performance core. Here, the overarching idea has been to install low-latency, high-throughput data and transaction processing directly into Genesis for the purpose of establishing greater focus on mission-critical financial applications. Beyond the primary operational value, though, the platform can also aid your security and compliance efforts. This it does through financial markets-grade authentication, authorization, and encryption.

Genesis Global’s latest achievement delivers a rather fitting follow-up to all the progress it has made last year, as the company tried to conceive newer and more advanced capabilities for the industry. To give you some idea, last year saw Genesis releasing Version 7 of its proprietary platform, along with new productivity and user-interface tools that allow for developers to easily build full-stack applications. Apart from that, the company partnered with Quantitative Brokers and X-Change Financial Access (XFA) to bring new technologies to complex fixed-income markets. Genesis also launched, during this time, a web version of its multi-asset class middle-office solution and a new application which would help asset managers track bond deals and invest in the primary market.

“With each iteration, the TabbFORUM NOVAs team scans the financial markets landscape to identify outstanding innovators whose work defines the future of financial technology. Genesis Global once again stands out for sustaining its platform commitment to reinventing how financial firms build software and for the unique applications it deploys for its clients and the industry,” said Jeffrey Kutler, Contributing Editor at TabbFORUM.

Fair enough, since their inception, TabbFORUM’s NOVA Awards have honored the financial industry’s ongoing commitment to technology-driven innovation by recognizing 40 organizations for their outstanding recent and sustained achievements. They select the winners based on the merits of new technology at the company or user level, and even its potential for wider industry impact.