Even though every era we have lived through has been progressive to some extent, we clocked a different magnitude altogether when technology came around the block. All of a sudden, the concept of growth didn’t remain just about long-term. Instead, we were looking at a possibility of getting better every single day, and rightfully so. After all, we had something that was more than good enough to be the centerpiece for many future generations.  As if its core efficiency wasn’t astounding enough, technology would go on to diversify its roster of services, thus becoming better positioned for catering a variety of needs. Once the foray into some of the major areas was completed, technology officially turned into an unstoppable force. Soon enough, the creation would come to be known as a barometer for judging the level of a sector, and in an attempt to keep up with the times, almost every industry would end up embracing it in some capacity. One sector, however, that took its time before doing so was of insurance. Now, being late to the party should have been a disadvantage for the field, but instead it proved to be beneficial, as the providers had a clear idea of what worked and what didn’t right out of the gate. The funds saved by not indulging in hit and trial methods are now coming in handy for constructing a new-look insurance industry and the latest step to get to that point can be observed in a new revelation made by Concirrus.

Insurtech firm, Concirrus has officially introduced the world with its bleeding-edge IoT platform for insurance. The platform, turbo-charged by Concirrus’ rich experience in the market, is designed to help insurers in making that leap towards digitalization. What’s more is that this IoT-driven platform also boasts clear capabilities to guide you in the development process of whole new products, making sure that the insurer’s vision is accurately realized, that too in a cost-effective manner.

Concirrus is already a well-recognized name when comes to offering digital solutions within the insurance market. Nevertheless, the company has been long willing to harness the potential of IoT in a way that is never seen by the industry before, and their new platform gives every impression of being a perfect medium to achieve such an objective.

“We are headed to a future where all risk will be assessed algorithmically and traded digitally. Many insurers have the ambition to deliver innovative products to their customers, improve loss ratios, reduce operating expenses but are held back by legacy platforms and technology. Concirrus has built the next generation decision platform to help insurers capture the value of data available from the Internet of Things (IOT),” says Andrew Yeoman, CEO at Concirrus.

By adding a comprehensive IoT system on their loaded portfolio, Concirrus seems ready for the bigger pastures, as an expansion lurks on the horizon.