Even though human beings are known to be pretty expansive, their greatest strength resides in their solutions. You see, time and time again, humans have displayed this tendency to find a way through every situation. Now, when you are stopped by nothing, you end up making some big leaps along the way, and if we talk about the ones we have under real-world circumstances, we’ll have to deem technology as the biggest of them all. Technology gets to be the clear-cut winner here for many reasons, but most notably, because of the manner in which it changed our entire trajectory. There is no way we could have achieved so much without this hugely ingenious creation. Nevertheless, despite guiding us to unbelievable heights, technology has continued to improve rather significantly, thus paving the way for even more utopian scenarios. These scenarios surely hail from throughout our spectrum, but the latest one is being brought to life within our insurance industry.

Tesla is officially launching its auto insurance service in three more states i.e. Colorado, Virginia, and Oregon. According to certain reports, the company plans on making the service available to at least 80% of its customers by the end of 2022. This is largely why Tesla has already started the necessary procedure for making Nevada as another one of its active markets. It’s an interesting development in every sense, and we say so mainly due to the way Tesla goes about insurance. Although it works only in conjunction with a Tesla vehicle, the company’s risk-based approach encourages better driving behavior, as that pretty determines the size of your monthly premium. Notably enough, while making the assessment, the company doesn’t consider usual parameters like age, driving record, and credit. Instead, it just uses a safety score, which is picked up in real time and only concerns the actual driving part. This score is easily accessible for all the Tesla app users.

When talking about the company’s insurance segment during an earnings call in April, Elon Musk went on to say “I noticed that we are seeing that having real-time feedback for driving habits is actually resulting in Tesla owners driving the cars in a safer way because they can see the—they get real-time feedback on, ‘Okay, this is affecting my insurance rate,’ or it isn’t. And so when people see—they can see their real-time score, they realize, ‘If I make compelling changes in my driving habits, then I pay less in insurance.”

Tesla’ eventual plan is to roll out the service nationwide.