Kanguro Insurance, known for its innovative AI-driven pet health insurance plans, has officially announced an expansion into the Renters Insurance space, starting from the state of Texas. Under this development, the company will look to collaborate with insurance agencies and property managers, while simultaneously offering a streamlined tech-forward product directly to consumers, particularly within Texas’ Latino community. Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper level, Kanguro Renters Insurance service comes bearing the means to facilitate AI-powered policy creation, as well as personalized coverage recommendations, and it does that all in no more than a few minutes. Next up, we have the prospect of affordable insurance, a prospect which reveals itself once you consider how the pricing here is made to fit the budget of most client segments. Not just affordable, though, the solution also brings to the fore a simple and straightforward claims management process. However, in case someone still runs into a difficulty of some sort, they can expect to receive comprehensive support. Another detail worth a mention is rooted in how Kanguro’s latest brainchild is made to be fully bilingual. Currently available in English and Spanish language, the solution dedicates a special amount of focus towards modeling the whole platform on the dynamics of Latino community.

“By leveraging our technology and customer-centric approach, we’re aiming to revolutionize the renters insurance market just as we did with pet insurance, easy to buy and easy to use,” said Nicholas Hanabergh, President of Kanguro. “We are well-positioned to assist renters and property managers in Texas in safeguarding their personal property and being protected against unforeseen liabilities.”

Having referred to what the product will deliver at the disposal of customers, we now must get into the benefits it has in store for potential partners. You see, if they link-up with Kanguro’s Rental Insurance service, these partners can expand their product offerings to include a cutting-edge, in-demand insurance solution. Once their product line becomes more far-reaching, the stated potential partners should be able to tap into a growing market where the whole Latino demographic presents an enormous growth opportunity. Moving on, the solution in question can also come in handy when the agenda is to streamline your operations. This particular feature arrives on the back of Kanguro’s pursuit of significantly simplified policy creation and claims management procedures. Almost like a by-product of the promised simplicity, Kanguro’s new service will further help you leverage a user-friendly experience to increase customer satisfaction across the board.