BlockFills, a market leader in digital asset trading technology, has officially announced full integration with Centroid Bridge of Centroid Solutions to provide brokers a centralized environment for price management and execution, along with 24/7 digital asset liquidity access. To give you some context, BlockFills and its liquidity provision mechanism is well-equipped to serve a diverse set of customers. For instance, the stated technology can help OTC desks modernize robust streaming digital asset liquidity for clients so to reduce their reliance on messaging apps. Next up, it can allow exchanges to access liquidity provision through aggregated or unaggregated pricing, both of which, by the way, is embedded into users’ client-facing trading experience. Then, there is a use case on the offer for payment firms, a use case which is deeply rooted in the promise of helping these firms address merchant layer offerings that require streaming stablecoin liquidity to let clients’ accept payment in crypto, as well as to receive fiat settlements.

“BlockFills’ clients who prefer to connect through a bridge platform now have the cost-effective option of a panoramic ecosystem that supports their business evolution swiftly and without restrictions or added processing fees. The integration dispenses universal connectivity and execution, 24/7 access to BlockFills’ liquidity, eliminating the need for a sundry of verticals required to conduct operations,” said Nick Hammer, CEO of BlockFills.

Moving on, BlockFills’ technology is even well-equipped to serve the case of proprietary trading firms, something it does by enabling them to cater to the need for competitive streaming liquidity. Markedly enough, this translates to a brand of liquidity which can remain robust even under difficult market conditions for those with their own front-end or API-based strategy. Rounding up highlights is the impact BlockFills’ technology can make in the case of brokerages. Here, the idea is to connect all provisions directly to client’s trading platform in a hassle-free manner without mandating any extra fees.

As for Centroid Bridge, it is a system for connectivity, execution, and reporting that provides brokers, institutional, and multi-asset financial clients the means to manage pricing, liquidity, comprehensive reporting, and execution, all from a centralized environment using smart order routing for multi-asset platforms.

“Centroid Solutions takes a leap forward into the crypto market with the integration of BlockFills as a new cryptocurrency liquidity provider. This collaboration enables clients of Centroid Solutions to gain access to a wide range of digital assets with deep liquidity and unlock new opportunities in the digital asset space,” said Cristian Vlasceanu, CEO of Centroid.