The brilliance of human species can be understood by taking into account various unique factors, but honestly speaking, none would reveal the truth more than our ability to grow on a consistent basis. We say this because the stated ability has already fetched the world some huge milestones, with technology appearing as a major member of the group. The reason why technology enjoys such an esteemed stature among people is, by and large, predicated upon its skill-set, which guided us towards a reality that nobody could have ever imagined otherwise. Nevertheless, if we look up close for a second, it will become clear how the whole runner was also very much inspired from the way we applied those skills across a real world environment. The latter component was, in fact, what gave the creation a spectrum-wide presence, and consequentially, kickstarted a full-blown tech revolution. Of course, this revolution then went on to scale up the human experience through some outright unique avenues, but even after achieving such a monumental feat, technology will somehow continue to produce the right goods. The same has grown increasingly evident in recent times, and assuming one new fintech-themed development shakes out just like we envision, it will only make that trend bigger and better moving forward.

Winnow Solutions, LLC, the developer of Winnow ® a database-driven RegTech platform that provides subscribers with accurate topic-driven surveys and automated compliance change management, has officially announced the launch of Winnow AI, which is a groundbreaking AI-powered legal search assistant designed to streamline compliance for banks, lenders, and financial institutions. According to certain reports, Winnow AI will leverage cutting-edge machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to help these organizations’ legal and compliance teams in their pursuit of keeping pace with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape. Not just helping you getting by, though, the stated assistant also makes a point to ensure that the whole arrangement is executed in a quick and accurate manner. Talk about the product on a slightly deeper level, we can begin its ability to generate answers never seen before throughout the industry. You see, powered by a database of over 60,000 state and federal law requirements, the assistant is more than well-equipped to answer to your query in a record amount of time, all while upholding the promised precision standards. Then, there is the prospect of being able to access an intuitive interface. The reason why this interface deserves an outright mention here has to with its ability to support questions written in plain and easy-to-understand English. Given the clear pledge of simplicity in play, users can expect to get their queries resolved without having to bear the extra burden of comprehending those complex legal databases. Moving on, it’s time for us to get into the product’s data-driven nature. By putting to work a comprehensive brand of data analysis and machine learning, Winnow AI makes it possible for users to identify potential compliance risks and others areas for improvement, thus leaving no stone unturned in shoring up the organization enough to match the established regulatory standards. Markedly, the platform in question also simplifies the very process of accessing your query history. To achieve the same, Winnow AI banks upon an auto-save feature, a feature which offers you the means to easily reference past answers and keep track of important information.

“In the rapidly evolving landscape of financial regulations, it’s increasingly vital to stay ahead of the curve,” said Chris Hilliard, COO at Winnow Solutions LLC. “Our Winnow AI platform equips our customers with a robust tool for quick, reliable legal insights based on plain language questions they ask, freeing up essential resources for more strategic initiatives. This innovation places Winnow at the cutting edge of legal technological advancement.”

Making Winnow AI’s development even more significant is a fact that it was realized through a partnership with Theseus AI, a company best known for using proprietary algorithms to analyze medical imaging and improve the wider healthcare outcomes.

“At Theseus AI, we believe artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize every aspect of the financial industry, and legal compliance is no exception. With Winnow AI, we’ve helped develop a powerful tool that simplifies complex legal questions and offers proactive insights to enhance compliance and risk management,” said Sam Elhag, CEO at Theseus AI. “We’re thrilled to partner with Winnow to bring this innovation to leading financial institutions, and we’re confident it will play a transformative role in ensuring their success in the years to come.”

Coming back to Winnow Solutions LLC, prior to launching its latest brainchild, Winnow had already enjoyed a length track record of helping customers build highly tailored state and federal compliance surveys unique to their business type, licensing, financial products, and jurisdictions. The company’s coverage, thus far, has focused on laws and regulations applicable to mortgages, auto financing, credit cards, consumer financing, commercial lending, privacy & cybersecurity, and banking. A more concrete testimony of its excellence can also be inferred from how it presently catalogs over 60,000 individual state and federal law requirements, maintained by an experienced team of attorneys and professionals. In case you still need some convincing on company’s credentials, then we must mention that Winnow Solutions LLC actually happens to be a subsidiary of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, a 150-year old global law firm focused on serving technology & innovation, finance and energy & infrastructure sectors. Active in well over 25 international markets, Orrick has been placed by Financial Times, in each of the past seven years, among the 3 most innovative law firms.