Unlike any others the technology industry has been disrupted by the recent pandemic. Tech giants such as Facebook, Google and Apple have made it possible for people to communicate, create social networks across the globe and solve queries within minutes.

Even an industry made on disruption and modernization, couldn’t prepare for the COVID-19 pandemic. Offices across the globe transitioned to remote work to slow the spread of the virus and protect employees. However, many companies are still trying to adjust with the new security risks associated with remote work arrangements.

Whereas in other sectors companies are trying to lead the way by developing solutions to increase 5G and video conferencing solutions, though they too are learning to navigate the new normal.  During these times of uncertainty, insurance can help tech companies find the stability they need to continue with the innovations even during the pandemic. “The economics and the current state of technology companies are as dynamic as ever,” said Andrew Zarkowsky, head of global technology at The Hartford. “As a company that’s been innovating in the insurance space for more than 200 years, and insuring technology companies for over 30 years, we are well-prepared to address those challenges.”

As the pandemic hit globally, one of the first things many companies did to protect their workers from the virus was move to a remote workforce. This kind of an approach was intended to be a temporary solution to curb the spread of the virus.