Startek®, a global customer experience (CX) solutions provider, has officially announced the launch of Startek® Generative AI, which is a comprehensive suite of Generative AI solutions designed to expedite and enhance business processes, and therefore, generate greater organizational efficiency. Handing access to a strategic approach that enhances agent productivity, streamlines operations, and personalizes the customer journey, the stated suite brings forth an ability to swiftly identify and address customer needs across various touchpoints, including HR, training, and operational functions. This allows the solution to help agents prioritize responses with enhanced empathy and speed, eventually elevating the overall customer experience. Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper level, we begin from the prospect of an improved agent experience, a prospect where Startek delivers completely revamped agent onboarding and training using interactive modules and tailored coaching. Complimenting the same would be those personalized insights and in-the-moment support that all comes together to significantly boost performance. Next up, we have a self-service mechanism, which makes it possible for customers to access voice and text-based self-service options for quick query resolution and enhanced satisfaction. Joining the same is a WFH and Compliance aspect. The stated aspect basically has its utility rooted in ensuring workforce efficiency and compliance, both the factors it achieves by accurately predicting call volumes and automating quality assurance processes through advanced analytics.

“The customer experience landscape is undergoing a significant transformation driven by AI,” said Abhinandan Jain, Chief Growth Officer at Startek. “Startek Generative AI isn’t just about keeping pace; it’s about giving businesses a competitive edge. With Generative AI, our clients can not only deliver exceptional service at every touchpoint, but also unlock significant cost savings, increase productivity, expand insights and enhance agent and customer experience.”

Rounding up highlights is the presence of Startek GPT. In essence, Startek GPT leverages concise insights and real-time sentiment analysis for personalized service adjustments. All in all, such a technology should come in handy when the agenda is to tone up your operations, and at the same time, improve engagement at scale.

Deployed with a few select customers thus far, Startek Generative AI has already demonstrated remarkable results for a multinational electronics and hardware manufacturer, triggering a 20% improvement in First Call Resolution (FCR) for 50% of agents, along with a 15% improvement in Voice Average Handling Time (AHT) for 60% of agents.

Operating out of Denver, Colorado, Startek’s rise is orchestrated by its customer experience management solutions that, on their part, can conceive best-in-class omnichannel CX, digital transformation, and enterprise tech services for leading brands. These brands markedly range from Fortune 500 heavyweights to fast-growing startups. At present, the company employs over 40,000 CX experts, who are present in more than 13 countries worldwide to ensure global reach and local connection no matter where your customers are based. Startek’s excellence in what it does can also be understood once you consider it has already won the New Product of the Year at Business Intelligence Group’s 2023 BIG Award for Business, while simultaneously securing a Silver Stevie® Award at the 21st Annual American Business Awards for its work in the Corporate Learning/Workforce Development Solution category. Along with many other iterations of honor, Startek has also earned the title of Outsource Partner of the Year at 2023 Excellence in Customer Service Award presented by Business Intelligence Group.