SimpleLegal (an Onit company), the industry leader in easy-to-learn and implement e-Billing and matter management software, has officially announced the launch of a new vendor collaboration feature within its matter and spend management solution. At launch, the stated feature allows for in-house teams and outside counsel to easily share and collaborate on vital legal documents and files, something which is aided by the availability of all information in one single and secure place. Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper level, we begin from the promise of faster document exchanges that speed up decision-making and response times on an organizational level. Next up, we must get into the solution’s ability to leverage end-to-end encryption for the purpose of enhancing security and ensuring file safety during transit, as well as when at rest. Not just security, but the vendor collaboration feature in question also preaches greater accountability and compliance. This it does through a comprehensive audit trail, where you have timestamps and user data for each and every shared file. Complimenting the same is a simplified management and sharing of documents, a facility that becomes only more crucial when the agenda is to get past the constraints posed by email attachment limits.

“Clear communication and efficient collaboration between in-house vendors and their outside counsel are foundational principles for quality legal work,” said Shri Iyer, SVP of Product Management and Design at SimpleLegal. “Our new vendor collaboration functionality promotes efficient exchange of information, resulting in improved outcomes — without added software integrations.”

Hold on, we still have a few bits left to unpack, considering we haven’t discussed how SimpleLegal’s latest brainchild also provides improved accessibility for remote or mobile teams so to ensure file access anytime and from anywhere. Then, there is the prospect of customizable sharing permissions. The idea behind such a feature is to help users conceive intricate control over who can access specific documents. The vendor collaboration feature in question is further bestowed with a centralized file repository, which has its utility rooted in achieving continuity and protection against data loss or security breaches, even with personnel changes. Rounding up the highlights for us would be a set of real-time updates and document editing capabilities that keep everyone informed and involved, thus contributing massively towards a cohesive team effort.

“In the supercharged world of modern legal, efficiency in communication and collaboration is key to success,” said Iyer. “Vendor collaboration enables in-house teams and outside counsel to stay in sync, eliminate unnecessary communications, eliminate email headaches, and share securely with less stress.”

Founded in 2013, SimpleLegal’s rise stems from its knowhow in providing easy tracking, managing, and reporting of legal spend, accruals, budgets, vendors, and more. As the world’s first legal operations platform, the company has today reached a point where it is processing more than $3.4 billion in monetary value every single year, while simultaneously supporting well over 170 different currencies. SimpleLegal’s excellence in what it does can also be understood once you take a look at its clientele that currently includes the likes of Instacart, Workday, Crocs, Zynga, Zenefits, and many other leaders of their space.