If we sit down and assess different elements of human life, we’ll see how each one is actually focused on improving us under some capacity or the other. This way we are able to get better on a rather consistent basis, and when that becomes your reality, you start to touch upon some really ingenious ideas over time. Up until now, we have conceived tons of such ideas, but honestly, none have proven to be as effective as technology. Even though technology took some time to become the ultimate phenomenon, some of its standout capabilities were evident right from the start. These capabilities nudged the world to keep investing in the creation, and soon enough, we’ll get our reward and much more. Talk about the reward for backing technology, it actually stretched across various iterations. One such iteration was the world’s progression within the finance industry. Now, blending finance with technology didn’t have everyone pumped up from the get-go, but the results will change our attitude big time. In fact, this dynamic has only grown stronger over the recent past, with a startup named Deserve now setting it up for yet another leap.

Deserve, a fintech company transforming credit cards into mobile and cloud-based software, has officially unveiled its new credit card platform, which is designed to help banks and B2B businesses in regards to offering corporate credit and charging cards. As per certain reports, the platform is built for organizations of all sizes. Furthermore, by making instant issuance and digital wallet provisioning possible, the company has also ensured that the whole process is quick and hassle-free. To give you a gist of the speed component, Deserve’s new platform gets your credit card up and running in just a few minutes, a timeframe much shorter than what we around the traditional procedures. Beyond the hugely mindful approach towards customer experience, the technology comes with enterprise-level controls that are there to simplify the process of tracking, managing, and analyzing.

In case those features weren’t enough, The Deserve Commercial Credit Card Platform further allows you to construct full-fledged reward programs for your customers. These rewards can be anything from a simple cashback to a personalized prize.

“We are extending our digital, cloud-native, mobile-first platform from consumer cards to commercial. With this, we will enable any financial institution or platform that serves other businesses to embed and issue commercial credit cards. For non-banks, this can be a significant source of revenue and can enhance brand loyalty,” said Kalpesh Kapadia, CEO and co-founder at Deserve. “Our platform will enable those who serve small and medium-size businesses and corporations to offer true credit combined with sophisticated expense management.”

As far as activating the program is concerned, the platform will either use a white-label approach or it will opt for complete integration into partner’s framework through channels like APIs and SDKs.