If what’s written in the folklore of Homo sapiens is true, then we reach upon a conclusion that every once in a while we have done something which testifies for our ability to instigate a revolution and then adapt to its by-products. This gift wasn’t bestowed literally on any other species, and as we know, there were loads of them. This ability to blend into any environment perfectly complements Homo sapiens curiosity that knows no ends. What started as a casual move out of the areas our ancestors initially populated went on to become a full-blown bid for supremacy. The floodgates of success in this pursuit didn’t take long to open and very soon humans had everything to themselves. This was start of something historic. While there is a controversial element to it as well as we had to wipe out 6 other human species to get here, the generations that followed did pay their dues and formed a cumulative effort towards the making of a world we live in today.

From the outside it might look like coming full circle, as we started off to gain authority and now we are giving that up to technological systems, but there is one key difference. Modern generation doesn’t just have a better idea of what will make their lives better but they also know how to get to that point in the most seamless manner. This knowledge is triggering another revolution and insurtech remains an integral part of it. This was further backed when BMS opted for Relay F1 placement system in order to encourage overall growth of the sector.

BMS is already known as an innovative prodigy in insurance sector. The company’s platform offers an assortment of features that are specifically designed to enhance the ease of business proceedings, and bring together quotes from different reinsurers to create a comprehensive database. BMS Re is also heavily relied upon when it comes to stitching together consistent submission packages, automate document generation, and streamline market access.

To contextualize this partnership, BMS group’s already highly-advanced system will now work in collaboration with Relay’s strong suits that are structure placements, identifying and approaching most relevant markets, and automate further steps to increase close rates. This forms a robust setup that promises to drive the industry forward.