Even though we don’t need to be told about the importance of challenges in our lives, our natural instinct still looks for convenience over everything else. In fact, a good chunk of our efforts are dedicated to turning things into their simplest yet most efficient version. The said pursuit has led us towards many different horizons. While not every single horizon could fully prove its shine, some of them actually did it big time, and if we are to decide which one achieved it in the best possible way, the consensus’ pick will be technology. Right from the get-go, technology didn’t just fit into our established template for convenience and efficiency, but it also reinvented their core meaning going forward. We were now approaching these elements in a much more progressive way than we ever did. Our willingness to constantly scale up different avenues of our lives has roped in gazillions benefits to this day, and the latest one appears within the fintech sphere.

Klarna, a global retail bank, payments, and shopping service, has officially announced its plans to partner with GoCardless for providing bank debit payments’ feature to over 21 million users in the US. The partnership is essentially built around facilitating the function for Klarna’s “Pay in 4” service, which allows the users to break down their overall payment figure into 4 convenient installments, thus significantly boosting financial viability of many commodities out there. Klarna’s decision to choose GoCardless in particular has a lot to do with the latter’s strong presence throughout US. Building on the back of its brilliance in facilitating account-to-account payments, GoCardless has grown exponentially over the recent past, and plans to grow the company’s US team by a whopping 125% are already being pursued.

“From the start, it was clear one of our value-adds was our global bank debit network, enabling Klarna to access multiple markets through a single platform. After years of phenomenal growth across the world, we’re thrilled to be Klarna’s bank debit provider as they make further inroads in the US.” said Hiroki Takeuchi, co-founder and CEO of GoCardless.

Financial solutions, as of late, have really forayed into hugely diverse areas. With the fintech industry getting increasingly creative around conceiving products that are intuitive and caters to every user’s needs, it’s important to stay ahead of the game in a rather meaningful manner. The new partnership allows Klarna to do that and more.