PNC Bank has officially announced the launch of its newest credit card called PNC Cash Unlimited® Visa Signature credit card. According to certain reports, the stated card is designed to provide straightforward, valuable rewards to its cardholders with a 2% cashback on all eligible purchases. Furthermore, like its name suggests, it puts no cap whatsoever on what you can earn, thus translating an unlimited facility. Next up, we must dig into the card’s low introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR), which enables all cardholders to take advantage on all balance transfers and eligible purchases for the first 12 months post account initiation. Building upon that would be a pledge to mandate zero annual fees. Yes, PNC’s latest brainchild makes it possible for you to experience all benefits without paying any fee in turn, setting the stage to maximize every single dollar that you spend. Not just that, the new PNC Cash Unlimited® Visa Signature credit card also doesn’t charge you any money when it comes to foreign transactions. Markedly enough, cardholders can even expect to receive upto $800 in cell phone protection for any damage or theft that may occur when using the card to pay their monthly bill. Here, the bank will dispatch a maximum of 2 claims in a 12-montn cycle, and each of these claims will be subject to a $50 deductible.

“The launch of the PNC Cash Unlimited Visa Signature credit card represents a pivotal moment for PNC as we continue to evolve our consumer lending product offerings and solutions to align with what our clients truly value,” said Lakhbir Lamba, head of Consumer Lending at PNC Bank. “Through extensive market research and feedback, we discovered our clients wanted to easily earn rewards and optimize their everyday spending. Our new card delivers this for them and helps make each transaction rewarding.”

Hold on, we still have a few bits left to unpack, considering we still haven’t mentioned that the cashback earned from using PNC’s card comes with no expiration date. This gives you the flexibility and freedom to redeem your reward when it’s actually required. Moving on, the card also conceives, for your benefit, zero liability fraud detection, meaning you don’t have to worry about bearing any unauthorized charges, if they do hit your account. Our final highlight, though, comes from the promise of no quarterly activations or purchase categories to track. Such a facility allows the cardholder to spend completely at their discretion.

“The PNC Cash Unlimited Visa Signature credit card is built around the principle of offering competitive, uncomplicated value to our clients,” said Nate Bacon, head of Credit Cards at PNC Bank. “With this credit card, we are simplifying our rewards experience and allowing our cardholders to earn a 2% cash back on all eligible purchases without worrying about spending categories or caps.”

The Cash Unlimited Visa Signature credit card is available to existing PNC clients in all branches, online, and via the PNC mobile app. As for new clients, they can apply for it at any PNC branch.