There are many factors that tend to determine our individual success, but none of them can ever boast a bigger importance than keeping our mind open. You see, this is the only way through which we can explore the unknown, and consequentially, widen our horizon in a productive way. Over the years, doing so has fetched us some really transformational results, each one taking us deeper into unchartered territories. Nevertheless, none of them added to picture as significantly as technology. Technology was such a resounding success not just because it introduced an entirely unprecedented dynamic. Instead, it was a success also due to the way in which the creation impacted so many different areas. The far-reaching effect of it would set the stage for a complete takeover, and once that takes place, nothing will ever remain the same. Today, every dominant element is connected to technology under some capacity, but even when we are living through these exciting times, we cannot afford to stay conservative with bringing better ideas into the fold. The world must continue striving towards a bigger goal, and that is exactly what we learn from Meta’s recent announcement.

Meta is finally rolling out the ‘Split Payments’ feature to all Android and iOS devices in the US. Available on Messenger, the feature marks another big step for Meta in establishing a comprehensive presence around the fintech sphere. According to certain reports, the company kicked off feature’s testing program during the last leg of 2021. If it works out, Split Payments can actually give an interesting angle to our digital payments’ experience. Basically, the feature talks at length to enabling the users in terms of sharing costs with another person. Notably enough, it also allows you to modify your contribution, therefore closing several gaps at once. You can use it by clicking on Get Started button in a group chat or through the dedicated payments section on Messenger. Next up, you can either split a bill evenly between group members or you can modify shares of each person. Providing an additional option to write a personalized message, the feature wraps it up by requesting you to confirm your Facebook Pay details. The dispatched payment request is understood to be accessible to every group participant.

“If you’ve struggled with dividing up (and getting paid back for) group dinners, shared household expenses or even the monthly rent, it’s about to get easier,” Meta commented.

The Split Payments feature follows the release of special QR codes, which the Messenger dropped last year to facilitate person-to-person payments. The said codes are supported through Facebook Pay app and can carry out transactions even if the two people aren’t Facebook friends.